The Fall of Lord Drayson (2016)

The Fall of LDThe Fall of Lord Drayson (2016), by USA Today bestselling author Rachael Anderson, is the first book in the Tanglewood series. This novel comes in all forms including eBook, and is roughly 296 pages (depending on book type).  With a full-time job and a 5-year old, this novel took me about 3 days to read.  I give this novel 5 STARS.  It is a clean historical romance.

This novel is a quick and highly engaging read. I love the protagonists, Lucy and Colin. They are excellently written characters, flaws and all.  And, I couldn’t help but cheer for them the entire time, even when it’s clear Colin is kind of a jerk at the beginning.

The premise for this book is excellent! I was a little worried at first, and towards the middle, because Colin is a Duke. The prank that Lucy pulls on Colin could very well have seen her thrown into jail. So, I kept reading because I had to know how this would all play out. And, I am very happy by how it all came together in the end! My inner 15-year old girl enjoyed greatly the sweet, endearing ending. There is a lot of character growth in both Colin and Lucy that is fun to watch. Their interactions are very playful and romantic. Their squabbles are hilarious. And, the dialogue is often very witty! Never a dull moment in this book.

This is the first novel I have ever read by Ms. Anderson, but it most definitely will not be the last. She is an excellent writer. The descriptions of character and place are so vivid it felt like I was there with Colin and Lucy. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and cannot wait to get started on book number 2!

4 thoughts on “The Fall of Lord Drayson (2016)

  1. Thanks for the review. I like the title. I am guessing Lord Drayson is the “bad guy” in all this? Wait. Don’t tell me. I will find out soon enough. Is it bad of me that I like to see the “bad guy” brought down?

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  2. Is this your only list of books available now? 6 reviews. I don’t see a list of books you have reviewed for possibly passing on to us readers! Thanks. Paulams49ATsbcglobalDOTnet


    1. I am working hard to get more reviews up. I just started the blog about a week and a half ago. I promise to do more as soon as my school is out for summer next week. My author pages have book reviews too. Thanks for reading my reviews so far!


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