Must-Get Monday #119

Tomorrow’s Lasting Joy

Texas Promise #5

by Naomi Rawlings

Releases today, April 24, 2023

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I highly recommend every book in this Texas Promise series by Naomi Rawlings. It is such a great Western series. Personally, I have been longing for this final installment since I met Anna Mae and Cain in book 1. I am so excited to read this book. If you are looking for a really well-written and highly engaging Christian Western series, then you have to check out these awesome books by Naomi Rawlings.

About the Book

His pa named him Cain because his birth was a curse… but what happens when he’s the only one who can save the town?

Anna Mae Harding never thought getting married would be so hard. It’s not that she hasn’t had any offers. On the contrary, it seems like someone is always asking her to be his wife. The trouble is, she up and fell in love with the wrong man years ago, and no matter how much she tries to forget him, no one else she’s met has measured up.

Texas Ranger Cain Whitelaw is happy to leave the town where he grew up behind him forever. Being around his childhood friends stirs up too many old feelings—feelings that are best left buried beneath the cracked desert dirt. The hardest part is seeing Anna Mae Harding. Each time he looks at her, he gets a hankering to sweep her off her feet and carry her to the church for a surprise wedding. But he had too rough of a childhood—and has seen too many things as a Ranger—to ever become a family man. That’s why he’s better off shaking the dust of Twin Rivers from his worn boots and never returning.

When one of Cain’s enemies sets his sights on Twin Rivers and threatens both Anna Mae and his friends, Cain finds himself not only returning home, but facing a choice between his duty to the Rangers and the closest thing he has to a family. And he’s not quite sure who will survive the outcome…

From jagged mountains and green river valleys, to cattle ranches and vivid sunsets, Tomorrow’s Lasting Joy offers a powerful story about loyalty, love, and the bonds that hold us together through the deepest of trials.

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4 thoughts on “Must-Get Monday #119

  1. Welcome back, Nicole! I have missed you and your posts! I am waiting with great anticipation for my copy of SIMPLY LIES by David Baldacci. He is a Virginia native and writes crime and legal thrillers. This is the beginning of a new series, so I’m excited about it. His books aren’t Christian fiction but they are generally clean and entertaining reads. And I have met him several times…he is a genuinely nice person who cares about his readers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Vickie. It is good to be back!
      My mom is a fan of Baldacci novels, so I am very familiar with his work. Very, very cool that you have met him. I love getting to meet authors. It’s so much fun!
      I hope all is well with you and your family!

      Liked by 1 person

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