His Encouragement #175

Welcome to His Encouragement Thursday! I don’t know about you, but Thursdays are my struggle day of the week. By Thursday, I have already been working hard at school and at home, and I just wish it would hurry up and be Friday already. LOL! I definitely need a little extra Jesus time on Thursdays.

And after the sixty-two weeks, an anointed one shall be cut off and shall have nothing. And the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the Sanctuary. Its end shall come with a flood, and to the end there shall be war. Desolations are decreed. And he shall make a strong covenant with many for one week, and for half of the week he shall put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of abominations shall come one who makes desolate, until the decreed end is poured out on the desolator.

Daniel 9: 26-27 (ESV)

Coincidence is defined as “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection” (Oxford English Dictionary). Personally, I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in God.

If you believe in God, and you trust that He has everything planned and under control, then there is no such thing as coincidence. There’s just God’s plan taking place as it should every single day.

OK. So, I learned something cool this past weekend.

Daniel 9:26-27 are well-known Tribulation verses. These verses describe the time when the anti-christ, during Daniel’s Week (a final seven-year cycle before the 1,000-year reign of Jesus), makes a deal with the Jews in Israel that allows them to sacrifice in the Temple. Things seem OK until the 3 1/2-year mark where the anti-christ reneges on the deal and then things get BAD.

A seven-year period on God’s calendar is called a Shemitah cycle. Daniel’s Week is a Shemitah cycle. A new year on God’s calendar begins on Rosh Hoshana. On our secular calendar, Rosh Hoshana occurs sometime in the fall months — usually late September or early-to-mid October. It just so happens that THIS fall begins a brand-new Shemitah cycle. And Rosh Hoshana, the holiday that opens the New Year, occurs on September 26 and 27th. In other words, a new WEEK (like Daniel talks about in 9:26-27) begins on 9/26-27. Isn’t that crazy cool?!

Could this Rosh Hoshana be THE year? THE year that starts Daniel’s Week (the Tribulation)?

Honestly, I don’t know if this is THE year. I am not a date-setter. But with everything going on in the world today, I know for a fact that I am definitely going to be more diligent about looking up (Luke 21:28). I don’t believe in coincidences. The God I love and trust and believe in with my whole heart IS amazing and astounding and a seriously good planner. He’s such a good planner that I believe He could choose to start the Tribulation as prophesized in Daniel 9:26-27 on 9/26-27/2022.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s definitely time to look up. Our redemption is drawing very near!



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