Wondering Wednesday #9

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This week’s question is:

Do I live in a rural or city setting?

I live in a city called Palmdale. We are north of Los Angeles, California. Palmdale is one of the cities located in the high desert in Southern California.

Jamesb01 at English Wikipedia / Public domain

Palmdale is called a city, but it’s not really a city. We are too spread out to be a city. We are more like a rural suburb. We have a lot of farming out where I live, specifically alfalfa farming. We are also famous for our poppy festival. If we get enough rain in the fall/winter/spring months our hills transform from brown nothing to an effusion of bright floral colors. It’s gorgeous.

What about you? Are you a city-dweller or do you live in a more rural environment?

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4 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesday #9

  1. And you can see mountains in the distance!! I live about 5 miles outside of a little 3 stop-light town. We are on a dirt/gravel road. On the other side of that road is a corn field (some times they plant soy beans in the field). We regularly see deer, turkeys, rabbits, groundhogs, fox, and lots of other animals. At night we can hear the Coyotes (they are usually too shy to come out in the daytime).

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  2. If you had asked me years ago, I would have said I would NEVER live in the country. However, drug dealers, crime rate and city life as it was in the 80’s had me running to the country. When we moved and built our dream home 3 years ago, it HAD to be in the country but close by to things due to medical problems. We live on the outskirts of town on a small acreage at the base of Bear Bluff Mountain. We are only 2 miles from the hospital but have no neighbors other than loads of critter visitors that we enjoy photographing.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

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