Whatchya Readin’ Wednesday #2


Welcome to Whatchya Reading Wednesday! I’m joining Becca from The Becca Files in a fun post where each week we showcase what we are currently reading.

This week, I am reading:

Valentine Gold

by Danielle Thorne

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What are YOU reading this week?

If you would like to join Whatchya Readin’, check out Becca’s blog site by clicking HERE. Scroll to a Whatchya Readin’ post for info.

11 thoughts on “Whatchya Readin’ Wednesday #2

  1. Okay, it’s official. I need to find a cozy little cabin and go hibernate with my huge TBR stack! The cabin must come with a food delivery service (someone to deliver meals) so I don’t have to stop reading to cook. LOL! Oh, the dream!!

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  2. Just starting reading A LONG BRIDGE HOME by Kelly Irvin today and can’t wait for time to keep reading.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


  3. Started The Brightest of Dreams by Susan Anne Mason yesterday and am half way through. Started Under Moonlit Skies by Cynthia Roemer this morning after finishing book 2 yesterday. Both great stories!
    Making great progress this year on my goal! Ahead by 6 books.
    This year my review books seem to be coming in a more timely fashion. Not all at once!
    Happy Reading!


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