Finding Lady Enderly (2019)


About the Book

20190830_205741.jpgBook: Finding Lady Enderly

Author: Joanna Davidson Politano

Publisher: Revell

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Raina Bretton is a rag woman in London’s east end when a handsome stranger appears in a dank alley and offers her a glittering smile and a chance for adventure. Rothburne Abbey has a unique position for her, one that will take her away from her hardscrabble life and give her a chance to be a lady. Things she could only dream of might be coming true. But some dreams turn out to be nightmares.

Though Raina has traded squalor for silk and satin, something about the abbey is deeply unsettling. As she wrestles with her true identity, the ruin, decay, and secrets she finds at the heart of the old mansion tear at her confidence and threaten to reveal her for who she really is. Only one man stands between her and the danger that lurks within–and only if he decides to keep her biggest secret hidden.

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My Thoughts

If you are planning to read Finding Lady Enderly, which I highly recommend you do, know that you are in for an outstanding journey. This story has it all — mystery, intrigue, adventure, romance, and reconciliation. The characters are excellently crafted. The hero and heroine are relatable and endearing, the secondary characters are complicated and charming, and the villains are the perfect balance of very bad and heartbreaking. And, I love, love, love the very timely and thought-provoking inspirational messages. Truly, this story has it all!

Raina, our heroine, has a metaphorical angel and demon on her shoulders. The demon, Mr. Prendergast, offers her an amazing deal that seems too good to be true. For a good 70-75% of this novel, the voice of Prendergast is so dominant that Raina begins to believe that his lowly estimate of her worth is true. She is, and always will be, just Ragna the useless, worthless rag girl. But then Raina’s guardian angel breaks through Raina’s negative loop in her brain and she begins to hear God’s true Voice — the one that tells her she’s worthy, cherished, and valued.

PhotoCollage_20190830_210341558.jpgI desperately needed this reminder this week. Man has the devil been giving me an earful! Unfortunately, in my weakness, I was starting to believe him. It’s crazy how sinuous and snakelike the devil is. He can slide into the smallest aperture in our brains and sound SO convincing. It’s a little scary, and it really brings the point home that we need to make sure we are daily wearing God’s full armor. My most favorite moment in Finding Lady Enderly is when I read the following: “No human has the power to take away the inherent dignity given by God, or change the identity He has granted you of belonging to Him.” And, the same can be said about the devil. He has NO power to take away our dignity or our place with God. If we have accepted Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior no one or thing can take this truth away from us. This reminder was a balm to my soul this week, and I feel God immensely blessed me by bringing this book into my life at this time.

Finding Lady Enderly is a masterful novel. I highly recommend this story. I implore you to purchase a copy today. I promise you will not be disappointed that you did!

I received an eBook copy of this book from the publisher, Revell, through NetGalley in order to review. In no way has this influenced my review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

4 thoughts on “Finding Lady Enderly (2019)

  1. I absolutely loved this book! I agree 100%. Even though there are a lot of stellar books out this year, this one stands above the crowd. Joanna-Davidson-Politano knows how to spin a tale and give us encouragement. Loved the diary of a Substitute Countess headings of each chapter. Great review Nicole! Happy reading on this long weekend.

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