His Encouragement #67


Good morning, and welcome to His Encouragement Thursday! I don’t know about you, but Thursdays are my struggle day of the week. By Thursday, I have already been working hard at school and at home, and I just wish it would hurry up and be Friday already. LOL! I definitely need a little extra Jesus time on Thursdays.

Trisha, my blogger friend at Joy of Reading, and I decided on calling this post “His Encouragement” because our real source of peace, strength, and security can only come from Jesus Christ. He, and He alone, is our constant! We pray and hope that these Thursday posts become a real encouragement to you and help you end your week strong in God’s love and purpose for you. God bless!

Today’s Thursday Encouragement comes from:

Job 16:19 (NASB)

Even now, behold, my Witness is in heaven. And my Advocate is on high.


1 John 2:1 (ESV)

My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.

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An advocate is someone who publicly supports or recommends something or someone. Some synonyms include “champion,” “supporter,” and “promoter.” Jesus Christ is our supreme Advocate.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tells me that God in the Old Testament is different from God in the New Testament. Usually, this person will tell me that Old Testament God is mean and cruel and angry and violent, but New Testament God is kind and loving and peaceful. If this were true, God would be schizophrenic, and Hebrews 13:8 (ESV) would be a lie. In case you are like me and memorization is not your strong suit, Hebrews 13:8 states, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” God is unchanging. How He was yesterday is the exact same way He is today.

I was searching for a verse to use for this post when I came across 1 John 2:1. I really like the word advocate, and I LOVE the idea that Jesus is in heaven talking to His Father about me. I wonder what they are talking about. Probably shaking Their heads at all my stupid mistakes. Maybe laughing a time or two at a joke I’ve made. And, perhaps discussing the layout of that room They’ve got planned for me in heaven (it’s probably filled with lots of books … LOL!).

I remembered that I had seen the word advocate in Job and I got a little excited. I love when the Bible gives me evidence to support what I know is God’s Truth. God isn’t schizophrenic. He is loving ALL the time. He was loving during Old Testament times, He was loving during New Testament times, and He is loving today.

Most scholars place Job around the time of Abraham. That’s thousands of years before Jesus walked on this earth in human form. Job is in the Old Testament. Job knows that he has an Advocate in heaven. He didn’t know the name “Jesus Christ” in his time, but Job knew he had a champion advocating on his behalf. Job knew he had Someone on his side. This sounds a lot like love to me.

Jesus was an advocate in Job’s day, He was an advocate in John’s day, and He is an advocate in our day. I love that God, in His infinite love for us, has provided us with a champion, supporter, and promoter. Anyway you look at it God really loves His kids, and that is a major encouragement to me today.



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10 thoughts on “His Encouragement #67

  1. So true my friend! God is the same yesterday, today and forever! And what people fail to realize is that God WAS loving in the Old Testament. How many times did He give the Isrealites the opportunity to repent and turn back to Him? More than they deserved! Only a loving father would do that. We are so blessed to have that same loving father today.

    And…..I hope that I’m right next to you in heaven will all of those books 😉

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  2. I love the verses and what you shared today. While I was reading it another verse popped into my head. Ephesians 1:4 It tells us that God chose us before the foundation of the world.

    God loved us first. He is love. We couldn’t love without Him.

    I look forward to all the wonderful stories we get to read in heaven together!! 🙂

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  3. Very well said! This is very similar to the Sunday night teaching I went to last week and just helps to reaffirm it. God hasn’t changed. There is the old and new covenant, but all need Jesus. Jesus came to do what we cannot do ourselves. Jesus is the perfect advocate for us.

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  4. I’ve never heard that God is different in the OT to the NT, but I can see what you mean by your post.
    We were just watching a National Geographic movie called Killing Jesus, and there were so many things in it that confused me. We ended up changing it, but what we saw made me wonder how many people think that’s a biblical truth movie (I did before we watched it). Satan does his best to confound us humans!

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