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His Encouragement — Psalm 119 Series

Welcome to His Encouragement Thursday! This week I am going to continue my series on Psalm 119. For those who may not know, Psalm 119 is broken down into 22 stanzas and each stanza begins with one letter from the Hebrew Alphabet. Each stanza is broken up into 8 verses for a total of 176 verses.… Continue reading His Encouragement — Psalm 119 Series

First-Line Fridays, Weekly Themed Posts

First-Line Friday #154

A Haven for Her Heart Redemption's Light #1 by Susan Anne Mason About the Book Toronto, Ontario, CanadaApril 1941Freedom. Open spaces without horrid, confining bars. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! GRAB THE BOOK YOU ARE CURRENTLY READING, OPEN TO CHAPTER ONE, AND POST A SENTENCE OR TWO IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. THEN HEAD ON OVER TO HOARDING… Continue reading First-Line Friday #154