Month in Review — April 2023

April is my favorite month. My daughter’s and my birthdays are in April. The weather is typically perfect. And I’m in the last phase of the school year before a much-needed summer break. There is always so much hope and excitement budding in the month of April. This month, I did meet my reading goals, but I listened to myself and realized I needed to take a break. So I did. For two weeks, I focused on family and work and all the other things in my life pulling at me. It was nice to take a break. I highly recommend it.

Here is what I posted this month:

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My StoryGraph Stats as of 4/23/23

That’s my April!

Did you meet any monthly goals you had set for yourself?

5 thoughts on “Month in Review — April 2023

  1. I understand your need for a break. Some days, I just veg and watch PureFlix instead of reading, just to take a break from doctor’s appointments and books.


  2. Breaks are always a good idea for most anything. It’s something I’m teaching myself or trying to, about social media and just consuming “too much” of something like content or cultural stories. When I learn it in full, it’s going to be helpful. 🙂

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