Month in Review — March 2023

March flew by for me just like January and February. I blinked and the month was over. I would like to say that I was on a reading kick this month just like January and February, but I have to admit that I struggled to read this month. It’s not that the books were bad or boring. I was just off. Work was especially difficult and my emotions were all over the place. I found I had a very difficult time concentrating and I was sad. I escaped more into old TV episodes of Bones and Scorpion than in books. I hope my drive to read voraciously returns. I really hate when I don’t feel like reading books. Here’s to hoping April feels better than March did!

Here is what I’ve posted this month:

Eeyore, my spirit-animal this month… (fair-use image)
My StoryGraph Stats as of 3/20/23

That’s my March!

Did you meet any monthly goals you had set for yourself?

5 thoughts on “Month in Review — March 2023

  1. I love that you could post on the last day of the month. Sorry, you have been struggling with reading, although Scorpion and Bones are good distractions! My monthly review will be up in a few days…I hope, LOL!

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