Top Ten Tuesday #7

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Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday post. This week’s topic is Favorite Heroines or Heroes. So, here are my favorite fictional heroines and heroes of all time (so far):

  1. Jane EyreJane Eyre is my #1 favorite novel, and it always will be. Jane is a fantastic heroine. I read this book for the first time when I was 17. It was the first time a novel’s heroine touched my heart so deeply. Jane is the standard by which I judge all other heroines.
  2. Mansfield Park — If Jane Eyre is my #1 favorite novel, Mansfield Park is my #2 favorite. I love this book, and I love Fanny Price. She is a great mix of humor and heart. She is another example of a heroine who gripped my heart and refused to let go.
  3. The HelpThe Help is a fantastic novel filled with so many excellent heroines. My favorite, though, is Minny. Minny is the feistiest, sassiest character ever. She is SOOOOO outstanding. I wish I had a friend like Minny. She is the type of friend who gets you through everything.
  4. Love’s Awakening — Ellie Ballantyne is one of my most favorite heroines ever. She has a great big heart and she fights for what is right and who her heart wants. Jack works so hard to honor Society’s constructs and agrees that he is beneath Ellie. He knows she deserves a better hero than himself, but Ellie does. not. care. Society does not dictate her life, and she knows with all her heart and being that God made Jack for her. So she respectfully disagrees with Society and goes for her man. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!
  5. The Merchant’s Daughter — This is my favorite Melanie Dickerson novel. It’s a book I re-read often because I adore the hero and heroine so much. It is also a good Beauty and the Beast variant. I love how capable and strong Anabel is, and I LOVE how protective Lord Ranulf becomes over her. It’s SO good!
  6. Land of Silence — This book is AMAZING. Elianna is the BEST heroine. I love her and her story ripped my heart out. I sobbed reading this book. But as much as I sobbed, I was completely, utterly uplifted, too. I walked away from this novel with such feelings of hope and peace.
  7. The Reluctant Duchess — Lady Rowena Kinnaird is a truly inspiring heroine. She is an example of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Something very bad happens to her, and the way she deals is incredibly honest, real, and raw. With the help of God and a little help from a seriously excellent hero, Rowena is able to heal mentally and physically. I love how Rowena does not let the evil that happens to her destroy her.
  8. Counted With the Stars — I love everything about this book: the historical research, the setting, the themes, and the characters. Kiya is great hero, very relatable and realistic. What she goes through in this book could easily be the relatable illustration of what we all go through on our spiritual journeys to a real and true relationship with God. She is so strong and so determined, but she also has her fears and her anxieties and her things to overcome. She is so, so good!
  9. Then There Was You — This is, hands down, one of the funniest Rom Coms I’ve ever read. I’m talking laugh-so-hard-you-can’t-breathe funny. Paige is a wonderful heroine, but what makes the book is Paige and Josh’s interactions with one another. They are a great heroine/hero team.
  10. The Metcalfes — I’m cheating on this one…I’m posting the entire series. ALL of the heroes and heroines in this series deserve recognition as “AMAZING.” These books are all seriously intense reads, and all of the heroes and heroines live up to the strength of character you need to survive their stories.

So, what about you?

Who are some of your favorite heroes and heroines?

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