Must-Get Monday #110

Raising Healthy Teenagers

by Thomas Kersting

Releases February 21, 2023

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This year I would like to read a book or two more of nonfiction. It is not my go-to genre, but this book sounds interesting. My daughter is turning 11, so any advice I can get before she enters her teen years is appreciated!

About the Book

Our kids are experiencing an unprecedented sense of isolation, interacting virtually in a world that seems ever more fearful with each news cycle. They absorb and internalize the stress and anxiety they see on their parents’ faces and on the phone, laptop, tablet, and TV screens that are ever before their eyes. Not surprisingly, their mental and physical health are suffering. As parents, we want to know how we can help.

Practical and encouraging, Raising Healthy Teenagers helps you understand the mental, physical, and social toll the past couple years have taken on your kids. Then it offers proven strategies to help your teen get back onto a healthy path by:

  • reducing screen time and increasing green time
  • learning how to be a social being again
  • developing strategies to deal with disruptions in
  • schooling
  • reclaiming a structured day
  • breaking the cycle of anxiety and depression
  • and much more…

Join the Fun!

What’s a book that you can’t wait to get your hands on?

8 thoughts on “Must-Get Monday #110

  1. Can’t believe Bella is that old already!
    My must get book is Code Name Edelweiss by Stephanie Landsem which I just won from Library Thing.

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