Top Ten Tuesday #4

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Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday post. This week’s topic is a freebie topic, so I am going to do top-ten series I still want to read or hope to finish in 2023.

  1. Waters of Time series by Jody Hedlund
  2. Colorado Cowboy series by Jody Hedlund
  3. The Bride Ships series by Jody Hedlund
    • I have all of the books, but I have not read any of them.
  4. Love and Honor series by Hallee Bridgeman
    • I have read the novella that begins this series, Love in Any Language, but I have not yet read any of the full-length novels.
  5. A Bradford Sisters Romance series by Becky Wade
    • I only have 2/5 novels to read in this series, so this goal seems really doable! LOL!
    • I have read True to You, Falling for You, and Because of You, but I have not read the first novella that opens the series or the final full-length novel yet.
  6. Hearts Bend Collection series by Rachel Hauck and fellow Sunrise Publishing authors
    • I have read the first book in the series, One Fine Day, but I still need to read book 2.
  7. The Montana Marshalls series by Susan May Warren
    • I need to read this entire series.
  8. Global Search and Rescue series by Susan May Warren
    • I need to read this entire series.
  9. Sky King Ranch series by Susan May Warren
    • I need to read this entire series.
  10. The Droseran Saga by Ronie Kendig
    • I have read the first novel in this series, Brand of Light, but I need to read books 2-4.

After putting this list together, it has become clear to me that I struggle to keep up with series specifically by Jody Hedlund and Susan May Warren. I love these authors, but they are SO prolific in their publishing I can’t keep up. It is good to know that I will always have books by them to look forward to though!

So, what about you?

What are some series you want or need to read this year?

Any similar to mine?

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #4

  1. I also like Susan May Warren and you’re right that she is a prolific author. I want to read all of Elizabeth Goddard’s new series, Missing In Alaska. I just finished the first one and it was amazing!

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  2. One of my book goals this year is to finish SOME of the series I have started. I made the list of ALL the series that I have read but not finished and just yesterday finally narrowed it down to which ones I want to complete this year. I have read the first two books of the Waters of Time series but haven’t read the third and I am not sure if I want to. Great list! Hallee Bridgeman is an author I plan to try this year that I have not read from yet.

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      1. Nicole, I loved the first book too, but thought the second book was disappointing. I felt the writing could have been tighter, and the story could have ended sooner. Some parts were slow and lack of communication was a huge deal for me.

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  3. The Bride Ships series is one I’ve been meaning to start. I have one of the books, but it’s not the first one, unfortunately, and I ALWAYS start a series at the beginning! One of these days, I’ll check RELUCTANT BRIDE out of the library and get started. Good luck making progress on all your series!

    Happy TTT!


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