Must-Get Monday #108

The Last Chance Cowboy

Colorado Cowboys #5

by Jody Hedlund

Releases February 14, 2023

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I absolutely love the cover of this book. It draws me in — the color scheme, the font, the quaint, sleepy town in the background, and the handsome Sheriff, all make me want to read this story. And the storyline sounds really engaging. I love Hedlund’s novels, but she publishes books so quickly it has bee difficult for me to keep up. Sadly, I am SO behind in this series. I am hopeful I can get to this book though. It’s really calling to me!

About the Book

As a midwife, Catherine Remington is successful in bringing new life into the world, but she’s failed one too many times in finding true love. When she’s accused of a murder she didn’t commit, she’s forced to flee and decides to run away to Colorado to honor a patient’s dying wish to deliver a newborn infant to his father.

The repentant prodigal Dylan McQuaid is finally back in Fairplay. Elected as sheriff, he’s doing his best to prove to the town he’s a changed man and worthy of their trust. When a woman shows up with an infant son he didn’t know he had, Dylan is left with only complicated choices on what to do next.

Having grown attached to Dylan’s son, Catherine doesn’t want to part ways with the infant, but what she doesn’t bargain for is how easily she’ll fall for the charming rogue, or how quickly her past will catch up with her and put their love and lives in danger.

Bestselling author Jody Hedlund brings her Colorado Cowboys series to an adventuresome close with this page-turning Western romance.

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