2023 Reading Challenge #1

Welcome to the 2023 Reading Challenge, created and hosted by Jessica at A Baker’s Perspective.

This month’s goal is to read a novel released in 2022 that I haven’t yet got around to. There are so many novels I wanted to read in 2022 that I just didn’t have time for that I’ve decided to read two books this month. The books I will read this month for this challenge are:

The Billionaire’s Nanny by Elizabeth Maddrey

Released March 16, 2022


Dangerous Beauty by Melissa Koslin

Released September 6, 2022


As for The 2023 Posse Reading Challenge, January’s topic is “A book with ‘NEW’ somewhere on the cover.” Neither of my books for Jessica’s challenge have new on the cover, BUT both authors are NEW-to-me authors. I have never read any of their novels before. Karen Witemeyer did say to get creative, so I think both of these books qualify as “NEW.”

What about you?

Do you have a novel from 2022, or a novel that is NEW in any kind of way to you, that you will read this month?

14 thoughts on “2023 Reading Challenge #1

  1. I still have to read DANGEROUS BEAUTY but since I own it, it’s not on the top of my stack yet. I’m reading books for launch teams and Netgalley right now. I’m thrilled that I got chosen for Lynn H. Blackburn’s launch team for UNDER FIRE and I’m looking forward to getting a copy!

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  2. Dangerous Beauty touched my heart in ways I never expected. It was soooo good! I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 I’ve not read the other book but adding it to my want list!

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