The Even Odder Couple (2022)

About the Book

Book: The Even Odder Couple

Series: Apple Valley Love Stories #4

Author: Julie Christianson

Genre: Contemporary Rom-Com

Release Date: July 25, 2022

Spencer Crane thinks I’m a human tornado. I think he’s a calendar app come to life. While he schedules? I spin-out. When I spontaneously combust? He overcompensates. And this is why convincing my new boss to hire him is a completely brilliant idea.

You see, workplace romance is forbidden, but attraction between total opposites like Spencer and me is a non-issue. I repeat: Non. Issue.

I only wish I hadn’t discovered Mr. Clark Kent Glasses is (secretly) scorchingly hot. Even worse, he’s funny and chivalrous, and shoving me straight out of my Tess the Mess comfort zone.

But we both need this job. Like, a lot. And if our boss catches wind of any fraternization, we’ll be fired. Not to mention my heart’s already at risk of being axed. So when Spencer starts treating me like I’m a magnet and he’s a fistful of iron, I’ve got a tornado-sized problem on my hands.

Starting now, I’m doubling down. I absolutely cannot fall for Spencer Crane. Even if my total opposite might be everything I need …

This heartwarming, hilarious romantic comedy has all the sizzle and swoon, but no explicit content. The entire Apple Valley series can be read in any order, so grab The Even Odder Couple today and get ready to fall in love!

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My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoy opposites-attract stories and The Even Odder Couple by Julie Christianson is no exception. This Contemporary Rom-Com is SO much fun. I loved every minute I spent with the characters in this book. Before I get into why I liked it so much I do want to mention that The Even Odder Couple is book 4 in the Apple Valley series. I never read books out of order, but this book called to me and I could not resist its siren call. However, reading it out of order was absolutely NO big deal. I had no problem figuring out who is who and how they relate to whom, who is best friends with whom, and who is a couple. I’m actually super impressed by how seamless a read this book is considering I read it out of order. So, fear not if you want to start with book 4 instead book 1 — you won’t have any issue enjoying this really good story!

So, what did I like? Everything. But we don’t have time for everything in this review, so I will discuss my favorite aspect. I love Spencer. He is a great hero and the perfect match to Tess’s tornado-like tendencies. Yes, he is hot. Yes, he is the man with a plan. Yes, he loves details and spreadsheets and organization. And, yes, Spencer has many of the typical Romance-Hero traits we all know and love. But he is also willing to evolve…that is, once he acknowledges his need to do so. I like this quality the most. It’s cool that Spencer knows exactly who he is, warts and all. And it’s cool that once he sees how much better his life could be if only he allowed a little spontaneity into his life he does what he needs to change for the better. And wouldn’t you know it, but his life becomes exponentially better. How many of us would have better, more fulfilling lives if only we took a moment to truly look at ourselves and identify the places that need changing…and then making the change? A lot of us could learn a thing or two from Spencer Crane, that is for sure!

The Even Odder Couple is an excellent read, one I loved every minute! If you are a fan of well-written Contemporary Rom-Coms filled with endearing characters and hilarious, laugh-out-loud moments then I highly recommend you check out The Even Odder Couple today. You won’t be disappointed you did.

I purchased a copy of this novel in eBook form from on September 3, 2022 in order to review. In no way has this influenced my review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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