Harrison’s Resolve (2022)

About the Book

Book: Harrison’s Resolve

SeriesTexas Promise #3.5

Author: Naomi Rawlings

Genre: Christian Historical Romance; Western Romance

Release Date: September 12, 2022

He might only be ten, but when he uncovers a plot that will hurt his friends and their families, he knows the right thing to do… until he realizes his father is the one behind the plot.

Moving is stupid, or at least that what ten-year-old Harrison Rutherford thinks when his father forces him to leave their comfortable home in Laredo and move to the desert town of Twin Rivers, Texas. But the people he meets in Twin Rivers aren’t all that stupid, especially not the group of boys who befriend him or the pact he makes that will follow him into adulthood.

But when Harrison discovers his father’s true motives for moving to Twin Rivers—and the suffering it will bring friends—he finds himself faced with a choice that will shape his life for the next decade…

From moving to Twin Rivers as a boy to becoming the most prominent lawyer in Austin, follow Harrison Rutherford on his quest to free himself of his father’s demands and meet the unexpected woman who can change his life for the better—if he chooses to let her.

Set against the jagged mountains and vivid sunsets of Texas’s Big Bend region, Harrison’s Resolve is a meaningful story about being loyal and doing right.

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My Thoughts

Harrison’s Resolve by Naomi Rawlings is a sweet novella in her Texas Promise series. I have it marked as 3.5 in the series because it is told from Harrison’s perspective and his book is next to release, but it could be read at any time in this series. This is a very short story coming in at only 88 pages, so an easy story to read in one sitting. What I love the most about this novella is that Rawlings depicts the day the boys — twelve-year-old Sam, Daniel, Wes, Harrison, and Cain — make their unique blood oath to either marry by 30, or after 30, or the losers get their heads shaved. It was so fun to see the boys go from playful 12-year-olds to serious little men. It has been fun throughout this series to see if any of the men will get their heads shaved. So far, none have, but we still have Harrison’s and Cain’s stories to go, so time will tell if they become baldies for love. LOL! I also really appreciate how this novella gives a few more critical details to Harrison’s childhood — details that help readers understand how his father wrested control of Twin Rivers’ trade center. This quaint story has definitely whet my appetite for more! I cannot wait for Harrison’s full-length novel, Tomorrow’s Steadfast Prayer, to release in November! All in all, Harrison’s Resolve is a fun, endearing novella that I highly recommend.

I received a copy of this novel in eBook form from the author, Naomi Rawlings, in order to review. In no way has this influenced my review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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