Harvest Moon (2022)

About the Book

Book: Harvest Moon

SeriesRiverbend #3

Author: Denise Hunter

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: September 6, 2022

She thought he was arrogant. He thought her walls would never come down. Then they fell in love.

Forever walking the line between passion and conflict, Laurel and Gavin’s relationship ended in divorce after years of miscommunication and unmet expectations. Now pursuing their own separate lives and careers, the two are content . . . though not completely happy.

When their best friends, Mike and Mallory, are killed in a plane crash, Laurel and Gavin are stunned to learn they’ve been named guardians of their friends’ young daughter, Emma. Putting their differences aside, the estranged couple search for a suitable guardian as they care for Emma and manage Mike and Mallory’s apple orchard.

Soon tempers flare—as does the passion they both remember so well. And Laurel and Gavin find themselves working through their past—their mistakes, their miscommunications, and ultimately the tragedy that ended their marriage.

Will the seeds of love, still growing inside them, thrive and flourish? Or will grief and regret strangle the feelings before they can fully blossom?

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My Thoughts

Harvest Moon by Denise Hunter is a brilliant second-chance Romance. Beware, this book will wreck you so make sure you have plenty of tissue nearby when you read it. As far as finales go, Harvest Moon is the perfect ending to what has been a superior series. I have eagerly anticipated Gavin’s story since Riverbend Gap (book 1) and I was not disappointed one bit. Gavin is a wonderful hero with a true protector’s heart. His character has pulled at my heartstrings since book 1 and I so wanted him to get his happily ever after. I appreciate that I got to witness his grieving and healing processes, I got to better understand why he carries so much guilt and self-loathing around wherever he goes, and I love that I got to witness his maturity into the hero both Laurel and Emma needed. Emma, the angelic little girl who is entrusted to Gavin and Laurel at the start of this story, is the sweetest toddler ever. Her part of this story truly broke my heart and had me crying my eyeballs out. Poor baby! Then there is Laurel.

Laurel drove me bonkers for about 3/4 of the story. I ended up really loving her by the end, but there are some moments in the flashback scenes and in the early-to-mid phases of this story where I wanted to throw my book across the room. Maybe that would shake some sense into her?! LOL! Here’s why Laurel bugs me — she is the most insecure person ever. I know, I know, you’re thinking what a jerk I am for saying this. But she did bug me and her mostly unfounded insecurities are why. Seriously insecure people have a tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill, and Laurel would have a PhD in mountain making. Yes, she has a legitimate reason for feeling insecure when it comes to relationships (read the story and you will understand why), but OH MY GOODNESS not everything is Gavin’s fault and most everything she feels about herself is just not true. I wanted to shake her and say, “Open your mouth, Laurel. Tell people what’s up. No one is a mind reader. They don’t know they’re doing something wrong if you keep acting like everything is hunky-dory!” Again, you’re probably saying, “Dang, Nicole, give her a break. She’s fictional.” LOL! You’re right. I’ll stop. The real reason Laurel bugged me so much is because I saw so much of my former self in her character. It’s hard to be reminded of how you used to be. I am leaving Harvest Moon — this entire series, really — loving all of the Riverbend character so much. They have all burrowed deep into my heart and I will not soon forget any of them (including Laurel).

Riverbend is one of my favorite series by Denise Hunter, and Harvest Moon is the best in this series. It’s an exceptional read and not one to be missed. If you are a fan of excellently written Contemporary Romance filled with depth, heart, and timely themes then you must purchase a copy of Harvest Moon today. You won’t be disappointed you did!

I received a review copy of this novel in eBook form from the publisher, Thomas Nelson, via NetGalley. In no way has this influenced my review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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    1. Actually, with this series I think it would be best to at least start with book 1 first because you are introduced to Gavin and you get a good bit of backstory. But you could just read book 3 if you wanted. They’re all great!

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