Whatchya Readin’ Wednesday #79

Where the Road Bends

by Rachel Fordham

What are YOU reading this week?

12 thoughts on “Whatchya Readin’ Wednesday #79

      1. I just finished it this afternoon and posted my review on Goodreads, Book Bub and Netgalley. It is absolutely the best inspirational book that I have ever read other than the Bible.

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  1. That was a great book! Hope you love it!
    I just finished two books:
    Beyond the Desert Sands by Tracie Peterson and On Bur Oak Ridge by Jenny Knipfer.
    Getting ready to start The Apostle’s Sister by Angela Hunt , and Edge of Dusk by Colleen Coble with Crossfire by Lynette Eason waiting in the wings!
    Happy reading!

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