Must-Get Monday #81

To Win a Prince

by Toni Shiloh

Releases September 13, 2022

Amazon 🧡 Goodreads

I loved the first book in this series, In Search of a Prince, SO much and I cannot wait to read To Win a Prince. I know it’s going to be as great as book 1. I highly recommend reading book 1 ASAP if you haven’t already, so you are prepared for book 2 when it releases this September.

About the Book

As a fashion aficionado and best friend of the queen of the African island country Oloro Ilé, Iris Blakely dreams of using her talent to start a business to help citizens in impoverished areas. But when she discovers that Ekon Diallo will be her business consultant, the battle between her desires and reality begins.

Ekon Diallo has lost everything: his princely title, his material possessions, his friends, and the respect of his countrymen. To pay for his actions against Oloro Ilé, he’s forced to assist the charismatic Iris Blakely–but he can’t allow his heart to distract him from regaining his status.

As Iris strives to get her business off the ground while keeping her heart intact, will her dreams of happily ever after survive the challenges she faces?

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