Must-Get Monday #75

The Deadly Shallows

Coastal Guardians #3

by Dani Pettrey

Releases July 5, 2022

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If you have not read book 1 and/or book 2 of the Coastal Guardians series by Dani Pettrey, then I implore you to do so before book 3 releases on July 5. This series is awesome. Definitely cannot wait for book 3 to drop!

About the Book

Coast Guard Flight Medic Brooke Kesler is ecstatic to watch her friend and mentee graduate from medic A-school, but her elation turns to anguish when men in ski masks open fire on the crowd.

CGIS Agent Noah Rowley is rocked to the core when he learns of a mass shooting raging on his Coast Guard base. Still, the shock is nothing compared to the heart-wrenching fear when he learns the woman he loves is at the graduation. Fortunately, his team rapidly ends the shooting melee, and Noah discovers Brooke is still alive. Once assured she’s okay, he quickly turns to learning who is behind the attack.

Little do Brooke and Noah know that the shooting is part of a master plot, and that Brooke has overheard something that holds the key to exposing the mastermind’s identity. Determined not to be caught, the cunning villain focuses on taking out Brooke and, if need be, those who would protect her. With targets on their backs, Brooke and Noah must race to find the killer before he strikes again.

Bestselling author Dani Pettrey again delivers a fast-paced story in an acclaimed style readers have come to love … full of snappy dialogue, thrilling adventure romance, and unexpected plot twists.

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Whatโ€™s a book that you canโ€™t wait to get your hands on?

8 thoughts on “Must-Get Monday #75

  1. I will be looking for Daniโ€™s newest book. I need to catch up. Iโ€™ve only read #1 of this series.
    I canโ€™t wait to get my hands on When The Day Comes by Gabrielle Meyer. It releases May 3. It is a dual time. Tis genre has grown on me!

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  2. Iโ€™m waiting for The Deadly Shallows by Dani Pettrey and for Critical Alliance by Elizabeth Goddard and for Fatal Code by Natalie Walters. There are some great Christian fiction books coming out in the next few months!

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