Love on Ice (2022)

About the Book

Book: Love on Ice

SeriesOriginal Six Hockey #2

Author: Carolyn Miller

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Release date: January 27, 2022

She’s focused on winning gold. He wants to lose the player tag. Can a fake relationship become something real?

Aussie short-track skater Holly Travers has one goal – make the Vancouver Games, no matter what it takes. She has no time for distractions, even if they come in the handsome form of her best friend’s twin brother. This hockey player may say he’s not a player, but can she trust him?

Brent Karlsson has one goal – make his sister’s best friend realize he’s a changed man and she should give him a chance. When a set-up in Hawaii helps these two opposites realize they have more in common than they thought, what happens when he wants to turn their fake relationship into something real? And how can a relationship work when these two elite athletes never see each other and live on opposite sides of the world?

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My Thoughts

Oh, my goodness, what a fantastic story! I really loved every minute of Love on Ice by Carolyn Miller. One of my complaints about Sports Romances is that there is usually very little sport. I get it … most people reading these types of Romance stories want the romance and not so much the sport, but I still typically find the sport side skimpy at best. As a person who played sports for over 17 years, I like Sport Romances for the sport. Carolyn Miller delivered in this story. My most favorite aspect to this story is the sport details. WHOA! Was I on the edge of my seat through all of Holly’s skate races, or what?! Short-track skating is terrifying. I was so stressed every time Holly took to the ice, I’m sure my blood pressure was at its highest during these moments in the story. And I really enjoyed all of Brent’s hockey matches. His play got seriously stressful towards the end. I loved this so much — this sport aspect — because it kept me coming back to the story ASAP, and there was no skimping on the details. Clearly, Miller likes her sports, too!

In addition to the sports details, I really loved the relationship that blooms between Holly and Brent. In this aspect, Miller returns to what she does best — craft characters who are not only endearing and relatable, but who are also completely realistic. I appreciate the conflict that arises between Holly and Brent, and I appreciate how they deal with their relationship issues. Long distance relationships are hard. Very hard, to be sure. And not many last. So, I feel like it is very realistic that Holly struggles with moving the friendship between her and Brent into something more than just friendship. How could two outstanding-in-their-fields athletes who travel all over the nation and the world to play actually make a real, lasting relationship work? To me, this is a really excellent question. It would make anyone pause before jumping into a serious relationship. And I enjoyed watching Holly and Brent maneuver through this conflict. I LOVE how both Holly and Brent realize that everything boils down to trust. Because when your trust someone 100%, you really can overcome anything … even long distances.

There is actually quite more to discuss in regard to Love on Ice. Miller has successfully penned a book that is more than just some Sports Romance. But I don’t want to spoil anything. Love on Ice is a good story and I highly recommend it! Purchase yourself a copy today. You won’t be disappointed you did!

I purchased a copy of this novel in eBook form from on January 26, 2022, in order to review. In no way has this influenced my review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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