Must-Get Monday #72

Someday Soon

by Melissa Tagg

Released March 2, 2022


I admit that I have not yet read a book by Melissa Tagg. I know, I know … how is this possible?! I have so many of her novels tagged as Want to Read, but I just haven’t gotten to them yet. So, I purchased a copy of this book, Someday Soon, and hope to read it someday soon. See what I did there? LOL!

About the Book

For the right girl, Noah Johansson might actually enjoy what he was about to do…
But Paige Parker was definitely not the right girl.

Paige Parker has spent the past year carving out a perfect life in Maple Valley all for one reason: To convince her father he can finally stop worrying about her. After all, she’s already cost him too much. But now it’s her love life he’s most concerned about.

Cue: Noah, Paige’s new tenant, who agrees to play the role of a boyfriend while facing wounds of his own. But keeping up the charade proves tricky as real sparks fly and dreams, hearts, and newfound hopes collide.

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What’s a book that you can’t wait to get your hands on?

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