Must-Get Monday #70

Free Fall

The Quantico Files #3

by Nancy Mehl

Releases June 14, 2022

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I have really loved this series by Nancy Mehl. Each book has been a wild ride! I am very excited to get my hands on a copy of this final installment in The Quantico Files series. I’m sure it will be as edge-of-your-seat exciting as the first two installments.

About the Book

Someone has been abducting women with long dark hair across Virginia. When the FBI is called in to help, Alex Donovan, a behavioral analyst, is tasked with putting together a profile. She’s aided by her friend and colleague Logan Hart, but he has been acting strangely and won’t say why. When the kidnapper demands that Alex meet him at an abandoned amusement park in exchange for the location of all his captives, she takes the bait. But the meeting proves to be a trap, and the building she’s in explodes.

Finding herself imprisoned with several other women, Alex works to think one step ahead of her captor. But the more Logan and the BAU learn about the kidnapper, the more they fear Alex may not make it out alive this time.

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4 thoughts on “Must-Get Monday #70

  1. Love Nancy’s series! Wwww
    I’m looking forward to reading The Songs That Could Have Been by Amanda Wen. It’s her second book. I loved her debut!

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