The Breakup Project (2021)

About the Book

Book: The Breakup Project

Series: Original Six Hockey #1

Author: Carolyn Miller

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Release date: December 29, 2021

New Year. New Project. New Love? What happens when the best-laid plans break a friendship?

As the twin of hockey’s hottest forward, romance-loving Bree Karlsson is used to being ignored, leading to a New Year’s resolution to not date any athlete in her attempt to find Mr. Right. But what happens when the man who might prove to be her personal Mr. Darcy is her brother’s hockey-playing best friend?

Mike Vaughan might be happy playing in Boston, but he’d be even happier if Bree could one day see him as more than a good friend. He agrees to help Bree with a special project in the hope she’ll finally see him as something more. But when a misunderstanding ends in a Valentine’s Day disaster, Bree realizes that her breakup project may have broken her friendship with Mike in two. Can she ever redeem her mistake?

This friends-to-more romance has plenty of heart, humor, and swoon-worthy kisses in this first book of the Original Six, a sweet, slightly sporty contemporary romance series.

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My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoy Carolyn Miller stories. I know when I pick up a novel by Miller, I’m guaranteed a good read. The Breakup Project is no exception. This is a really fun, sweet story. I do admit that it took me a minute to get into the storyline, but once I hit the 20% mark I was totally engaged and did not want to put the book down.

My favorite aspect of this story is Mike Vaughn, the hero of The Breakup Project. To me, Mike represents the ideal man. He’s tall, strong, and handsome for sure, but he is more than just his swoony physicality. He loves Jesus with his whole heart and works every day to be an illustration of Jesus in today’s dark world. And he pays attention to details. He is a watcher … and then a doer. I LOVE this characteristic so much because it proves he actually cares. I wish more people on earth were like Mike Vaughn. The world would truly be a much better place if they were. I did appreciate the romance between Mike and Bree — Miller definitely writes outstanding romantic chemistry. Some of the kisses are out of this world! But I have to say that Bree drove me crazy. I wanted to flick her in the head about 200 times. Honestly, I can’t really say why.

Bree is a very hard worker, she loves Jesus with her whole being, and she always wants what’s best for others. She appears to be an all-around awesome gal! I think my issue stems from the concept of the breakup project. My number one pet peeve is when other people feel they have the right to tell someone how to live, whom to love, how to eat, etc. So, I found the breakup project that Bree enacts incredibly annoying and selfish. Bree wants her brother to breakup with someone SHE doesn’t like. Is the woman bad for her brother? Totally. The reader gets this from chapter 1. But everyone is allowed to make his/her own mistakes. Otherwise, you risk resentment, hatred, and a break in a relationship. I’m all for warning people, giving advice, making recommendations, etc. But I am not ok with actually planning to break a couple up just because someone outside of the relationship doesn’t like the couple together. If I had to make a criticism of this story, it would be this notion that someone feels she has the right to assert her feelings and desires into someone else’s relationship. Not cool.

Regardless of my feelings towards Bree and her breakup project, I still really loved my time reading this story. It is a great read, and I am very excited for book 2 to release. If you are in the mood for a well-written, engaging, sweet Contemporary Romance, then I highly recommend The Breakup Project by Carolyn Miller.

I purchased a copy of this novel in eBook form from on December 28, 2021, in order to review. In no way has this influenced my review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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