Wondering Wednesday #11

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This week’s question is:

How early do you start celebrating the Christmas season?

In my childhood, the Christmas season began the day after Thanksgiving. We would purchase our tree (it always had to be a live tree), my dad would put up the outside Christmas lights, and my mom and brothers and I would decorate the tree and put up lights inside the house. Oh, we’d also hang our stockings (handmade by my mom) and bring out ALL our Christmas records (yes, records … I’m old). My favorite was our Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Special record. It was fun times.

As an adult, I actually hate holidays. Like I full-on truly dread them. My parents got divorced when I was 11 and holidays became awful times in my life. Perhaps it’s different for kids whose parents divorced amicably, but for the knock-down, drag-out divorce that occurred in my childhood, holidays became the absolute worst days ever. Having to leave one parent for another, knowing that one parent was alone on the holidays, worrying the drop off from one house to the next was going to be filled with fights and tension — I hated it all. And, unfortunately I’ve never been able to overcome these feelings because holidays are still tension-filled days where I have to fake the happiness. Sorry this answer is so depressing!

Some of you reading this are saying, “Wait, don’t you have a child? She doesn’t get holidays?” The answer is, “Yes, I have a kid and she gets all the holidays, cheer and all.” My daughter gets the Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving celebrations and Christmas presents and New Year’s celebrations and 4th of July fun because she deserves to be a kid who gets to celebrate life and fun and blessings. We do not begin our celebrations as early as I did when I was a little girl, but my daughter does get it all because I want her childhood to focus on Jesus and family and fun and love and blessings.

What about you? When do you start celebrating Christmas?

5 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesday #11

  1. We decorated on Monday. We don’t do all the gifts. We give to charity and the grandkids get some money. I make homemade ornaments for the families with kids.
    We prefer to keep the focus on Christ. I do cards but always with a faith theme.

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