Jocelyn (2020)

About the Book


Author: Sarah Monzon

Series: Sewing in So-Cal novel, #2

Release Date: October 6, 2020

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Women’s Lit

WWSOD—What would Scarlett O’Hara do?

Anything to survive, that’s what. But instead of a man-eating Southern belle in hoop skirts and big hats, my version of existence looks an awful lot like a financial conglomerate employee staring blankly at budget analysis spreadsheets. Either way, the motto has served me well most my life. Until now, that is. The corporate retreat location has just been announced, and this city girl is headed to a dude ranch in the country. How will Scarlett help me survive that? No, this time I’ll turn to the sage advice of preteen YouTubers and their ponies to keep me from making a fool of myself.

But who’s going to help me navigate the kind yet reticent cowboy in the black Stetson—the cattle ranch owner who’s slowly claiming corners of my heart?

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My Thoughts

I love Sarah Monzon’s novels. Anytime I pick one up I know I’m guaranteed a fun escape! Jocelyn, book two in Monzon’s Sewing in SoCal series, is no exception. This book is so much fun I struggled to put it down. I was thoroughly engaged from page one, I loved Jocelyn and Malachi’s journey to romance, and I very much enjoyed and appreciated the unique topics discussed in this book. It’s not every day you get a novel whose hero is super shy and can’t talk to girls, but in Jocelyn it works and now Malachi is one of my most favorite heroes. Jocelyn is a one-of-a-kind contemporary romance that I highly recommend.

Our childhoods shape the adults we become. Some childhoods are very unstable and can lead to adults with quirks. Some quirks, like drug/alcohol addictions are obviously negative. But some quirks, like OCD and forcing our lives to fill a particular mold, can be just as bad. Jocelyn has a personality quirk, born out of her chaotic childhood, that seems normal and amazing — she craves stability so she has a good, stable job and a good, stable paycheck and a good, stable home. An outsider looking in would never for one second consider Jocelyn as someone who has negative issues, and to be honest, neither do I. BUT that’s the thing — even when our eccentricities seem good (I mean wanting stability isn’t really a bad thing, is it?), if they are something we hide behind then we are forsaking the full life God wanted for us and that makes even the best quirks a downfall. God didn’t make us and then put us in padded boxes. He made us and set us free in this crazy world of ours with the hope that our lives would be lived to the fullest (in Him!). God doesn’t want us to hide because life can be chaotic and scary and unstable. He wants us to live. This is one lesson that Jocelyn learns over the course of the story, and it’s a really good reminder to me especially in this time of chaos and instability.

Jocelyn by Sarah Monzon is a super fun contemporary romance that I just cannot recommend enough. It’s an engaging, fast-paced, super cute story you won’t want to miss!

I received a copy of this novel in eBook form from the author, Sarah Monzon, in order to review. In no way has this influenced my review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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