An Announcement!

Hello to all of my dear followers!

For those of you who do not know, I am a high school English teacher. This year, my District Office directed us teachers to start the year off as online, virtual teachers. I’ve been at it for three full weeks now and I can say with great certainty that online teaching is no joke. My job has quadrupled in responsibilities and tasks by going online. I never get off the computer anymore and I am not a fan.

With that said, I have noticed that my ability to blog has lessened. I hate this! Blogging is one of my cathartic, creative outlets. But I just cannot stare at a computer screen ALL day long and then work on my blog at night. I’m getting headaches and dizzy spells.


In the very recent past, I have been able to post almost daily, but I’m going to have to cut this down to only 3-4 posts a week. I don’t mean to disappoint, but I have to consider my poor brain and eyes. Too much computer screen time is really hurting me.

I thank you all for your understanding! Hopefully, I can get back into my classroom and a more normal routine so I can get back to my normal blog postings.

24 thoughts on “An Announcement!

  1. Thank you for your dedication to teaching and to your students. Virtual teaching and learning will be a challenge to all but hoping that we’ll come out of it as better parents, students, teachers, and administrators.

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  2. Goodness! 3-4 posts a week can still be a lot! Hopefully everyone will be back in the classroom soon. I know this has been hard on teachers and parents alike. Thank you for your dedication to your students – I imagine you are an AWESOME teacher. πŸ™‚ May your headaches and dizzy spells end soon.

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  3. I am in the exact same boat! Well, not school, but work is so overwhelmingly busy and stressful that I have let blogging go, and that breaks my heart. Hoping soon I can get back to posting more often. Praying for you friend!

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  4. Take care of yourself my friend! Hey I’ve got your email if I really need to tell you something!
    Do the best you can. We understand. Blessings upon blessings to you and your family and school kids!

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  5. No worries! You do what you need to do. This too shall pass. I will still look forward to seeing you on social media. And I look forward to your reviews whenever you are able to do them. I hope everything goes well for you and will add you to my prayers.

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  6. I totally understand! This year has been tough and blogging has unfortunately taken more of a backseat for me too. I try to keep up with it but it’s been a challenge. Take care of you first. We’re always here for you ❀

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  7. Completely understandable. Taking a break would also be totally understandable. I highly recommend that you implement a blue light filter or night light filter on your computer ALL day. I do it on my desktop and my tablet and phone. If that’s not possible, I highly recommend blue light filtering glasses that you can purchase both with a prescription and without a prescription. It should help reduce or eliminate headaches and dizziness. I’d even recommend a standing desk or making yourself a space where you can put your screens up higher so you can stand sometimes while you work. Much easier with a laptop. I can’t with my desktop (But i just bought a laptop so yay!) I feel like every teacher should recommend this to their students and parents too. It can help reduce the stress for kids who are also spending hours and hours in front of computers!! My little one hates it. She’s 5. My 3rd grader is doing well though.

    I hope things improve. I’m also in education and feel like I”m on the computer constantly too. But because of the low light on my desktop, I’ haven’t had as many problems. I take a lot of breaks though. Our district however is making us teach from campus so part of the day I’m on campus on another computer. I need to add the blue light filter to my computer at school.

    It’s been a struggle – know you’re certainly not the only one. I for one appreciate all educators working SO hard in this era. And I also appreciate all you do to promote christian Fiction!

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    1. Yes, breaks are the way to go. I actually just found the night light on my school laptop. I worked a little today and it did help. My 3rd grader is actually doing well in this virtual setting, too. Forgot her and I, I have set up standing spots so we’re not stuck in chairs all day. I’ve also implemented that we take lots of outside breaks. We chill for a few minutes in the sun in our backyard. Thank you for your kind words! πŸ˜€

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      1. Yes outside breaks are great. I have never been more thankful to have a backyard. I have a shelf I can use for a standing desk sometimes with my laptop. But being able to move around with a laptop is always helpful πŸ™‚ I think my kids are finally getting into the routine of things. Hopefully your family is too.

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