Wondering Wednesday #7

Welcome to Wondering Wednesday, a new series I am joining thanks to Jessica at A Baker’s Perspective.

When you visit your favorite book blogs you learn a lot about books, but you don’t really learn that much about the bloggers who work tirelessly to get you that book info. The goal for Wondering Wednesday is to give you insight and a new perspective on the people behind the blogs you love.

We hope you enjoy learning about us bloggers. If you have a specific question for us, please click HERE. Make sure to join us each Wednesday as we respond to your questions.

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This week’s question is:

What did you do during the summers as a kid?

So, my answer is going to be pretty boring. When school got out for summer I didn’t get to do much as a kid. Sometimes we would go camping with my Aunt and Uncle up in the Redwoods in California. Those were AMAZING times.

Pizza Hut: BOOK-IT! Program | Pizza hut, Reading programs for kids ...

We often didn’t have a lot of money come summer time, though, so I did what I do best — I read lots and lots of books. I figured if I couldn’t physically go to all sorts of adventurous places I would go to amazing places via my stories. Back in the 80s and 90s, Pizza Hut used to do a reading program called Book It! Depending on how many books your read and logged, you could earn all kinds of pizza prizes. I LOVED IT! I would always read the highest number of books so I could get a free personal-sized pizza just for myself. You see, I have three brothers so getting a free pizza all to myself was quite the reward.

What about you? How do you spend your summers as a kid?

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6 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesday #7

  1. Hi Nicole! My summers were a lot like yours. Reading, trips to the library for more books. Our family took a two week trip from the Chicago area to Vermilion, Ohio for an overnight at my Mother’s relatives and then on to my Grandparent’s in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. There were cousins in town. We had a blast playing with them and the neighborhood kids. We even made up scavenger hunts that we would play even after dark! Can’t do that now!
    Back home we would play outside, sunbathe, while reading, and my sisters usually had a carnival in the yard.( my one sister now has her own marketing company) We had a small rectangular pool and Daddy always got fresh sand delivered for the sandbox.
    Wow, you’ve got me nostalgic today.

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  2. I used to hang out with my friends a lot. We rode bikes and went to the local stores, like High’s Ice Cream Store. We played games outside and inside. I went to the library frequently, either walking or on my bike because even as a youth I loved to read. My family went to Myrtle Beach every year for vacation. I also visited my family “up on the mountain.” My grandmother’s whole family lived near Stuart, VA, and we went up and stayed with them for a week or so. Summer seemed so short then. Now that I am retired, every day seems the same. I am thankful for the rest that I am getting in my old age, but I long to travel to see our grandchildren and hope that will be possible in August or September.

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  3. I loved Pizza Hut’s program as a kid, too! My summers were usually spent riding my bike, playing outside, and helping in the garden (with a healthy amount of reading, too).

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