As Easy as Cherry Pie — Cover Reveal

I am excited to join in the #CoverReveal for As Easy as Cherry Pie by Bell Renshaw! This is the second book in the Justin Harbor series which focuses on sweet romance and women business owners. It will release August 4, 2020. 

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About the Book

Maggie Petten has perfected the perfect pie and landed herself an opportunity to expand her shop. Despite his overly booked schedule, contractor Fletcher Knight can’t seem to say no when it comes to helping others. When the two are faced with a mutual business opportunity the question remains: can they make it past the best and worst first date they shared a year ago? Or will circumstances, disaster, and awkwardness be enough to keep them apart?

Cover Reveal

Are you ready to see the adorable cover?! Without further ado, I give you As Easy as Cherry Pie:

Coming August 2020

Isn’t this a cute cover?!

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