Wondering Wednesday #1


Welcome to Wondering Wednesday, a new series I am joining thanks to Jessica at A Baker’s Perspective.

When you visit your favorite book blogs you learn a lot about books, but you don’t really learn that much about the bloggers who work tirelessly to get you that book info. The goal for Wondering Wednesday is to give you insight and a new perspective on the people behind the blogs you love.

We hope you enjoy learning about us bloggers. If you have a specific question for us, please click HERE. Make sure to join us each Wednesday as we respond to your questions.

If you are a blogger and would love to join Wondering Wednesday, check out Jessica’s blog for more information.

This week’s question is:

What made you start blogging?

wp-1589312653502.jpgThis month is actually my 3-year anniversary! I cannot believe that I have been reviewing on The Christian Fiction Girl blog for three years. It feels like just yesterday I looked at my husband and said, “I’m going to start a blog.”

So, what made me decide to blog about Christian Fiction?

  • I’ve been an avid reader since birth. Stories are my jam!
  • I’ve loved to write since High School. My Honors English 11 teacher inspired my critical brain and writing skills, so I have him to thank for planting the blogging seed way back when I was young.
  • I am a huge lover of critiques. My brain just works this way. I can’t watch TV or hear a song or read a book without my critical brain going into overdrive. I love stories and I love understanding and analyzing that which makes a great story great. I’m the kid who loved writing analysis essays in their English classes.
  • Christian Fiction helps to edify the soul. I am a firm believer that we Christian Fiction bloggers are working a ministry for God. God uses our blogs and the fiction we review to plant seeds. Sometimes, finding God in His Word can be really difficult, especially if one is brand-new to faith. Reading a novel that deals with real-life and inspirational material often brings God’s Word and characteristics to a level that is easily grasped. If a review I write gets a well-written, highly engaging novel that illustrates God’s Truth in an accessible way into the hands of someone who needs to hear from God, and then that person devours the book and learns something about how wonderful God truly is, and that leads the person into their Bibles, I count that as a huge win for God! I do believe we are God’s seed planters.

So, these are my reasons for becoming a Christian Fiction blogger. I had no idea what I was doing three years ago when I got into this game, and I can honestly say I’m still a little clueless. But I love it and will follow this reviewer path for as long as God calls me to it!

Thanks for reading my post today.

To check out answers from other bloggers, go to A Baker’s Perspective and check out her Wondering Wednesday post for the week. There will be an Inlinkz link you can click on to see other bloggers’ responses.

15 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesday #1

  1. I love the way you analyze Christian fiction. You pull some gems out of those stories.
    I do look for themes as I read. Maybe I need to take more notes and use my color tabs more often.

    Do you notice that some reviews just write themselves and others you have to let cook awhile?

    What do you think of the trend of certain Christian Publishers putting out books that are clean reads but not overtly Christian in content. I admit that I read a couple books lately that I didn’t realize had no scripture references and just a smidgen of World Christian view until I was writing my review. I enjoyed them very much but in my opinion they could have been better with a bit more gospel message in them. I have found it varies even in books by the same author.
    Happy reading my friend!

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    1. Thank you, Paula! 🥰

      Yes, some of my reviews fly from my fingers. I can’t seem to say enough. But lately I’ve been struggling. It’s been like pulling teeth. I’ve wondered if this is God telling me my time blogging is done? Or maybe I’m just reading a bunch of books lately that just aren’t for me.

      I am noticing that some Christian fiction authors are trying to reach a bigger market of people. I’m not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, reaching new people isn’t a bad thing. Like I said, what if their book plants a seed and God uses it to bring that person closer to Him? But on the other hand I worry about compromising. Mark 8:36 … it’s not worth it to sell your soul in order to gain the whole world. I think the answer is we just keep praying for our author friends! 🙂

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  2. I’m so happy to have bounced into this today. I’m totally new to this and so would need some help from you to understand how I could fit in and learn from you and share. Look forward to some great times working together in His love.

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