A Convenient Christmas Wedding (2016)


About the Book

wp-1583020274207.jpgBook: A Convenient Christmas Wedding

Series: Frontier Bachelors #5

Author: Regina Scott

Genre: Clean Historical Romance

Release Date: November 8, 2016

The Marriage Agreement  

Proposing a marriage of convenience to a rugged logger is the boldest move of Nora Underhill’s sheltered life. In return for Simon Wallin’s protection from her overbearing family, the unassuming seamstress offers prime frontier farmland. But their paper marriage changes when Nora’s greedy brother tries to draw her back into a life of drudgery. Her only option: move to Simon’s farm, and into the center of his loving, unruly family.

Years of shouldering responsibility have left Simon cynical and reserved. But little by little, Nora’s warmth opens his shuttered heart to joy. With their marriage claim under threat, can this practical arrangement blossom over the holidays…and become a love for all seasons?

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My Thoughts

I’m unofficially completing a TBR challenge. I say “unofficial” because this challenge is nothing more than a goal I made for myself for 2020. My goal is simple: read at least one book per month from my Kindle or bookshelf that I’ve always meant to read, but sort of forgot about. My first book for this challenge is Regina Scott’s A Convenient Christmas Wedding. This book is actually the fifth book in Scott’s Frontier Bachelors series, but I didn’t have a single problem starting with book #5. I found the plot fun and engaging. I loved the unique cast of endearing characters. And I very much appreciated Scott’s timely themes and spiritual messages. All in all, A Convenient Christmas Wedding is a satisfying historical romance!

The hero and heroine, Simon and Nora, remind me of Sheldon and Amy from the TV show Big Bang Theory. If you are unfamiliar with Sheldon and Amy, that’s totally OK, just know that they are two quirky, introverted super-geniuses who fall in love despite their awkward and often negative traits. Simon is a superiorly hardworking man who sees EVERYTHING in a very straightforward, logical, black or white manner. He often seems unemotional, and he lacks an understanding of basic social cues. It’s very difficult for Simon to comprehend emotional situations, which is very much like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. Marrying for mutual benefit makes sense to Simon — both partners benefit in some way from the deal. But marrying for love, while he understands that it does happen, just doesn’t quite make a lot of sense. Simon can see it working out for his brothers and their wives, but for him? It’s just not logical. Nora believes, due to years and years of familial neglect and manipulation, that she is an unlovable burden. She won’t even pray for herself because she doesn’t want to be seen as selfish or as a burden to God. Nora, right from the start, appreciates Simon’s ability to see the logic in a given situation. She finds his logical approach reliable and stabilizing. So, Nora approaches Simon with a deal he is sure to understand — you protect me, I’ll give you my land. Together a uniquely logical marriage is conceived. By the way, Sheldon would have found this sort of marriage ideal, and Amy would have understood this about him just as Nora understands Simon.

wp-1583020274238.jpgOf the many things I enjoyed about Simon and Nora’s relationship, I especially loved how they were the right fit for each other. We, humans, crave relationships, so much so we run into some we have no business being a part of. We force the issue and then wonder why things aren’t working out. God has a plan for each of us. In that plan is often a special someone meant to be our person — the one who will really see our specialness, idiosyncrasies and all. Simon doesn’t believe he will find love because he knows he’s different. He doesn’t feel life like everyone else. Nora doesn’t believe she will find love because she knows she is an unlovable burden. But when they are together, Simon and Nora are a great team. Nora gets Simon’s logical bent and can interpret his seemingly odd and unfeeling actions and words to his family and friends. And Simon is able to see Nora clearly — she is a beautiful, self-sacrificing, loyal friend. Together they fall into God’s plan and become a true loving partnership. Nora and Simon’s relationship illustrates the value of being patient, listening for God’s instruction, and following His lead. When we do, very beautiful and satisfying things await us.

As far as A Convenient Christmas Wedding goes, I couldn’t have picked a better novel to kick off my unofficial TBR challenge. A Convenient Christmas Wedding is fun, endearing, and sweet. This is a novel I can easily say I highly recommend.

I purchased a copy of this novel in eBook form from Harlequin.com on November 17, 2017, in order to review. In no way has this influenced my review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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