A Kiss is Just a Kiss (2017)


About the Book

wp-1581822587098.jpgBook: A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Series: The Kissing Test Book #1

Author: Melinda Curtis

Genre: Clean Contemporary Romance

A perfect day…

Beck O’Brien is a financial whiz with a passion for horse breeding and today he’s getting married. Maggie is the perfect bride. She’s steady when he’s volatile, kind when he forgets to be and forgiving of his long hours. She’s everything Beck wants in a bride.

Until Kitty steps in…

Kitty Summer is certain that her sister Maggie is making the biggest mistake of her life. Beck O’Brien doesn’t love Maggie, but Maggie refuses to listen to reason. If Kitty can’t tell Maggie she’s making a mistake, then maybe she can show her. There’s only one way to prove that Beck is the right man for Maggie.

Can he pass The Kissing Test?

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My Thoughts

wp-1581822587126.jpgEvery now and then I crave a book that is a simple escape, that makes me smile, and that leaves me sighing in reader satisfaction. A Kiss is Just a Kiss by Melinda Curtis is exactly the sweet, clean romance I needed this Valentine season. Coming in at just under 100 pages, this novella is the perfect blend of hijinks, humor, character revelations, and super cute romance. The characters — Kitty, Beck, and Grandma Dotty (who, herself, is a tad dotty) — are wonderful and endearing. I’ve read several reviews online from readers who were not a fan of Kitty’s kiss test, but I didn’t have an issue with this aspect of the plot. Is it realistic? No. Should we all start doing the kiss test in our everyday lives? Absolutely not. But for a fictional setting, I found it pretty hilarious. My most favorite moment in this sweet story is when Beck realizes that the right woman for him would be the one who picks up his phone call even when she is mad at him. What an excellent thought. It made me think about my husband. And you know what? Beck is correct. An excellent clue that signifies one is part of a real, hearts-on-the-line relationship is when one picks up the phone even when he or she is mad at the other. Overall, I give A Kiss is Just a Kiss two hearty thumbs-up, and I cannot wait to read the second book in this series, And Then He Kissed Me.

I purchased a copy of this novella in eBook form from Amazon on January 17, 2020. In no way has this influenced my review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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