On My Honour (2019)


About the Book

51ZPKAHUsXL.jpgBook: On My Honour

Series: Brethren in Arms #1

Author: Elizabeth Johns

Genre: Clean Historical Romance

Release Date: February 4, 2019

When Lady Margaret Blake and her sister lose their parents in a boating accident they are left to the guardianship of their uncle. Disregarding their feelings for the price their beauty will fetch on the Marriage Mart, he arranges a match for both. Lady Margaret, however, has her own views on the matter and takes her Fate into her own hands.

Returning home after war to assume his responsibilities, Luke, Duke of Waverley, expects a nice, quiet life on his country estate. Within hours of stepping foot in England, though, he stumbles upon a young woman being attacked and no sooner does he rescue her than she runs away. His sense of curiosity is piqued and his sense of honour compels him to help her, leading him on a merry chase…

Meg escapes the marriage, only to find herself at the mercy of others. Fortunately, in the soldier she cannot avoid she also finds herself in very capable hands. Only her uncle has a deeper reason for his actions and will stop at nothing to see his plans fulfilled.

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My Thoughts

On My Honour is the first novel that I’ve read and enjoyed by Elizabeth Johns, and it will not be my last. I very much enjoyed the fast-paced plot, and I found the characters to be endearing and memorable. I also appreciated the many unique topics discussed in this novel. In fact, there are so many interesting talking points to be found in this novel that I think it would make a great book-club read.

PhotoCollage_20191201_125355266.jpgOf the characters in the story, Meg is the one I both loved and struggled with. My favorite thing about Meg is that she realizes that life without Luke, the fantastic hero of On My Honour, would be unimaginable. Meg is a strong, capable, and independent woman. She doesn’t need anyone, especially Luke, but she realizes that she does want him in her life. With Luke, life is full of color, and he gives Meg a sense of comfort and companionship she cannot get without him. And, ultimately, Luke brings Meg real, true love, and in her fictional world with all its crazy plot twists, love — and Luke — is exactly what Meg needs.

While Meg does realize Luke’s importance in her life, she fights it, and that bugged me. The first time Meg rejects Luke’s proposal, I get it. There is a notion that he is only doing so because Meg needs help. And, honestly. marrying someone out of a sense of obligation is a bad idea. It can easily lead to resentment. So, when she rejects Luke the first time, I agree. But after time has passed and the relationship between Luke and Meg has blossomed into something real with several heart-stopping kisses I just struggled with Meg’s continual refusal. By the third, fourth, fifth time Meg tries to convince Luke not to marry her out of a sense of honor, I was ready to move on because all of her refusals just started to feel mean. How much disappointment can one hero take? At some point before the last chapter of a book, the heroine has to accept her and her hero’s feelings otherwise the novel can become tedious. This is my one complaint with Meg.

Overall, I do recommend On My Honour. The story is well written and fast-paced. I was thoroughly engaged the whole time even with my struggle with Meg’s character. If you are a fan of Regency-era novels, On My Honour is definitely one you should check out today!

I purchased a copy of this novel in eBook form from Amazon on November 13, 2019, in order to read and review. In no way has this influenced my review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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