Once Upon A Christmas: Contemporary Retellings of Timeless Tales (2019)


About the Book

20191113_085821.jpgBook: Once Upon a Christmas: Contemporary Retellings of Timeless Tales

Author: Andrea Boyd, Toni Shiloh, Mikal Dawn, Angela Ruth Strong, and Jaycee Weaver

Genre:  Contemporary Christian Fiction; Fairy Tale Varients

Release Date: October 1, 2019

Embrace the magic of the Christmas season with these contemporary twists on timeless tales.

Upon a Dream — A rare sleeping disorder keeps Talia from performing, but when Philip recognizes her gift, he’ll do whatever it takes to see her onstage.

Claim My Heart — Li Na and Colin Wen face off in a Mulan-esque courtroom battle where the real win might be losing their hearts.

A Snow White Christmas — Sheltered heiress Amala White flees her conniving stepmother’s plans and finds refuge with a handsome orchard owner and his seven quirky uncles.

Christmas Ella — Reality TV meets Cinderella when a location director is swept off her feet by a rising star.

A Splash of Love — Las Vegas glitz meets Land of Enchantment culture in A Splash of Love, a modern twist on the Little Mermaid.

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My Thoughts

“Upon a Dream” by Andrea Boyd

What a fun take on “Sleeping Beauty”! And, what a unique way to cause the Aurora character to be cursed by sleep. I found the characters in this novella to be well crafted and relatable. And, I really appreciate the message that accepting God as our Boss means surrendering everything to Him — even how we deal with the things God allows in our lives.

“Claim My Heart” by Mikal Dawn

I am not a “Mulan” fan. I don’t hate the story or anything, it’s just not a fairy tale I’ve ever gravitated towards. However, I LOVE “Claim My Heart.” What a fantastic story! I found the plot engaging, and the characters are so well written. And, there is a fabulous discussion on lying. Is it ever OK to lie? What if the lie is for a good reason? While tempted to say, “Yes,” the real answer is “No” because a lie always hurts someone. No matter the good intentions behind a lie, someone is bound to be hurt by the subterfuge.

“Snow White Christmas” by Toni Shiloh

What a wonderful and realistic way to tell a “Snow White” tale! I loved this story so much I devoured it. It’s so well written, highly engaging, and fast-paced. I adored the characters — they all played their parts well and are very relatable — but the uncles are my favorite! They are each unique in their own right, but such a fun nod to the original seven dwarves. What I also love about this story is how connected to God Amala and Marcus are. They go to God no matter what and bring Him their fears, failings, random musings, and hard questions. They are definitely an excellent example of a genuine relationship with God.

“Christmas Ella” by Angela Ruth Strong

“Cinderella” is my most favorite fairy tale ever! I have always appreciated the fact that the “Prince Charming” character can see past all the fake of the pretty girls he’s supposed to like and sees the “Cinderella” character for who she really is. “Christmas Ella” does NOT disappoint. Paxton and Ella are excellent, and I rooted for them from their first meeting. And, I enjoyed wholeheartedly the modern twist of setting this story within a reality TV setting — so much fun!

“A Splash of Love” by Jaycee Weaver

Oh, my word! “A Splash of Love” is SO good. There is so much action in this little novella it reads like a full-length story. Gabrielle and Derek are excellent Ariel and Prince Eric characters, but they’re also unique and relatable in their own ways. I was rooting for them the WHOLE story. And the conflict in this story is stellar. I was flipping pages so fast, if I had been reading a paper copy of this book I would have given myself papercuts! I’ve never read anything by Jaycee Weaver before. After this introduction, I’m definitely going to check out all of her books!

Overall, Once Upon a Christmas is a super fun and unique fairy tale retelling that I highly recommend. Purchase your copy today. You will not be disappointed that you did.

I purchased a copy of this novel in eBook form from Amazon on September 30, 2019, in order to review. In no way has this influenced my review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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