This is a FANTASTIC post I highly recommend reading. Let us not have spork faith!!!

A Girl and Her God

Dear God,

Please keep me from being the spork of the Christian world–trying to be things I clearly am not–having a faith which rises up only a percentage of the time–but, most of the time, collapses, snaps, and can’t even pick up a mouthful of potato salad. God, forgive me when I’m ok with a plastic faith, happy in all its mass produced, synthetic glory. Lord, I don’t wanna be a spork!

I want my faith to be real.


And faith which is real, is faith which is honest— about the painful or embarrassing places, about the ugly which make us cold, which drifts us from the heart of God– the places which could easily turn us into willing participants in our own destruction.

While Jeremiah had no context for a spork, he was instructed by God to point out to Israel what might lead them away to…

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5 thoughts on “Sporkfaith

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. It definitely caught my attention and then delivered a message of truth, a reminder we all need from time to time. And I found a new blogger to follow!

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