INSPY Nominated Books I LOVED in 2018

For those of you who don’t know, or haven’t heard yet, the INSPY longlist has released. Congratulations to every amazing author who made the longlist!!! Man, do we have some seriously talented writers in today’s Christian Fiction market.

One of my favorite bloggers, JenGalaxy4 Christian Book Reviews, posted a fun blog yesterday where she shares the INSPY books she read in 2018. I loved the idea so much, I’m copying her! Thanks, Jen, for the inspiration. 😃😃😃

What follows are the books from the INSPY 2018 longlist that I read and loved. Just click on a link and you can read a brief summary and my thoughts on each book listed.

Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

1841116_mDebut Fiction

General Fiction

Historical Fiction

Mystery and Thriller

YA Fiction

According to the information on INSPY’s website, the shortlist will be available by the end of April. Definitely good luck to all the authors. You are all clearly using the amazing talents God has given you to put forth His Word in unique ways. I’m glad I don’t have to decide the shortlist. It’s too hard! LOL!

To read through the full INSPY longlist, click here.

I am not affiliated with INSPY. I was not asked to write this post. Again, I just liked Jen’s idea, and I, too, love to share well-written, amazing books by Christian authors.

10 thoughts on “INSPY Nominated Books I LOVED in 2018

  1. Just finished Falling for you. Simply amazing. Love Becky Wade’s books.
    I also loved Northern Deception by Laurie Wood. A surprising favorite read 🙂
    I really want to read Just Let Go, I’ve heard so many good things.
    And of course anything by Kara Isaac 🙂

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