Memorable Monday #13


Welcome to Memorable Monday! The purpose of Memorable Monday is to showcase an influential book read in the past that still sticks with you today. This fun Monday morning post is hosted by the lovely Becca at The Becca Files.

This week, I am featuring:

The Winter King (The Arthur Books #1)

by: Bernard Cornwell



I’m choosing another King Arthur book this week because it is truly one of my most favorite subjects to read. The Winter King is book one in a three-book series that is one of the best researched and most engaging Arthurian sagas I’ve ever read. If you are a King Arthur fan you have to read these books!

If you have never heard of Bernard Cornwell I highly recommend reading all of his novels. I can honestly say I’ve never read a bad book by Cornwell. He is a master at blending history and fiction. If you love British history, Cornwell is the author for you!

About the Book

Uther, the High King, has died, leaving the infant Mordred as his only heir. His uncle, the loyal and gifted warlord Arthur, now rules as caretaker for a country which has fallen into chaos – threats emerge from within the British kingdoms while vicious Saxon armies stand ready to invade. As he struggles to unite Britain and hold back the enemy at the gates, Arthur is embroiled in a doomed romance with beautiful Guinevere. Will the old-world magic of Merlin be enough to turn the tide of war in his favour?


Share a book you’ve read in the past and explain briefly why it’s so memorable to you in the comments below.

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