His Encouragement #45


Good morning, and welcome to His Encouragement Thursday! I don’t know about you, but Thursdays are my struggle day of the week. By Thursday, I have already been working hard at school and at home, and I just wish it would hurry up and be Friday already. LOL! I definitely need a little extra Jesus time on Thursdays.

Trisha, my blogger friend at Joy of Reading, and I decided on calling this post “His Encouragement” because our real source of peace, strength, and security can only come from Jesus Christ. He, and He alone, is our constant! We pray and hope that these Thursday posts become a real encouragement to you and help you end your week strong in God’s love and purpose for you. God bless!

Today’s Thursday Encouragement comes from:

Psalm 54:6 (ESV)

With a freewill offering I will sacrifice to You: I will give thanks to Your Name, O Lord, for it is good.


The other day I read in Exodus 35 about the Israelites constructing the Tabernacle in the wilderness. What struck me during my reading was the repetition of the idea of giving to God freely. In Exodus 35, God tells Moses that he will need to gather very specific materials for the building of the meeting tent: gold, silver, bronze; blue, purple, and scarlet yarns; acacia wood; oils and incense; ram and goatskins; and various gemstones that would be set into the high priest’s breastplate.

God makes it explicit that these items were to be contributed as a freewill offering. God states to donate ONLY IF the giver had a “generous heart,” a “stirred heart,” a moved spirit, a “willing heart,” or a “moved heart.” God was not looking for a slave to construct His meeting tent, but rather a large team of partners. Why does God repeat Himself so many times in Exodus 35? Because He is trying to emphasize to His damaged children that He is not Pharaoh. He doesn’t want to enslave anyone. He wants His children to come to Him 100% willingly. And, the same is still true for all of us today. God wants us to come to Him of our own accord. He doesn’t want an automaton. He doesn’t want a slave!

Understanding this about Exodus 35 makes Psalm 54:6 all the more clear. God’s Name is good. God is good. That horrid stereotype that the “Old Testament” God is a big meanie is the falsest idea ever. God is Abba. He isn’t mean — He’s a dad. He wants our love freely. He doesn’t take, hurt, abuse, or abandon. He isn’t manipulative. And, He isn’t a murderer. God is good. God is love. Exodus 35 is a prime example of His good love.

Today, I offer a freewill thanks offering to my beautiful, perfect, compassionate, kind Abba. Thank You, Abba, for wanting a relationship with me. Thank You, Abba, for wanting to be side-by-side every day with me. You are a good, good Father for sure! Amen!



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12 thoughts on “His Encouragement #45

  1. Powerful message for today!! Free will is such an important aspect of the relationship between God, the Creator and Redeemer, and His children (us). I love how Jesus portrays this loving relationship in the story of the prodigal son. Though it broke his heart, the father allowed his son to leave and waited many long days (possibly years) for his son’s return… of his own free will. And instead of reprimanding his son, he throw his arms around him and celebrated his return. (Luke 15:11-32)

    Thank you. ❤

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  2. Phillipians 1:9 And I pray this: that your love will keep on growing in knowledge and in every kind of discernment. (This is a verse I’m memorizing. Eventually I will have 9-11 in my heart 🙂

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  3. God created Man for relationship. God desires a relationship with us and gives us a choice (a free will) to decide if We likewise desire a relationship with God. May my deepest desire be for Him above all else!

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