His Encouragement #27

CollageMaker_20180429_195809418.jpgGood morning, and welcome to His Encouragement Thursday! I don’t know about you, but Thursdays are my struggle day of the week. By Thursday, I have already been working hard at school and at home, and I just wish it would hurry up and be Friday already. LOL! I definitely need a little extra Jesus time on Thursdays.

Trisha, my blogger friend at Joy of Reading, and I decided on calling this post “His Encouragement” because our real source of peace, strength, and security can only come from Jesus Christ. He, and He alone, is our constant! We pray and hope that these Thursday posts become a real encouragement to you and help you end your week strong in God’s love and purpose for you. God bless!

Today’s Thursday Encouragement comes from:

Luke 8:25 (ESV)

He said to them, “Where is your faith?” And they were afraid, and they marveled, saying to one another, “Who then is this, that he commands even winds and water, and they obey him?”


I’ve been listening to an Alistair Begg sermon called “About 12 Almost Christians.” It’s a really excellent sermon wherein he asks the question, “Does the Holy Spirit reside in you?” It’s a great question. One that makes me think about faith. What does it mean to have faith? Which leads to Jesus’s question in Luke 8:25 — “Where is your faith?”

Where is my faith?

It’s a tough question. When I am safe in my comfortable home, when I am well-fed and clothed, when I have an excellent day at work, when my relationships are good, and when I’m curled up on the couch reading an excellent book, it is SO easy to say that my faith resides in Jesus.

But, when my daughter is sick, my husband is angry at me, my students are behaving like uneducated hoodlums, and my home has been threatened, “Where is your faith?” becomes a really tough question to answer.

I think the real question is — when life gets super hard and scary, HOW do you behave? Do you behave like you have faith in Jesus, or do you yell, scream, throw things, and cower in fear? Do you throw your fists up into the air and blame God for all the bad? Or do you turn to Him and ask for His guidance, help, and peace?

In Luke 8:25, the 12 disciples are in a boat with Jesus. Jesus is asleep, but the 12 are not. They are fearful for their lives because a windstorm has come upon them and they are afraid they will die. Naturally, they freak out, wake Jesus up, and cry out for Him to save them. Jesus rebukes the waves, things calm down, He questions the disciples’ faith, and then they feel a new fear — who is this person who can control nature?!

My husband likes to remind me that our hearts deceive us. Sure, with our minds we totally believe that Jesus walked this earth, healed people, calmed nature, died for our sins, rose from the dead, etc. But to believe these Truths with our hearts is another story. Our hearts can be fickle. If your world looked like it was ending, what would your natural recourse be? Where is your faith when life looks like a raging storm? Now more than ever before, it is imperative that you know the answer to this very important question!



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12 thoughts on “His Encouragement #27

  1. So encouraging! I agree that it is easy to say my faith is strong during the sunny days where everything is going in my favor, but the true test of faith is in the mdist of the storm when it looks like there is no way out. I am learning this firsthand right now, and I praise the Lord He is with me through it all.

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  2. “uneducated hoodlums” 😂😂 sorry couldn’t help it lol.
    This is so true though! If our faith is never tested, how do we know we believe? If we don’t practice and live out our faith, how deeply rooted is it? While going through trials and struggles aren’t easy, they refine and strengthen our faith which bring us closer the the Lord.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Thank you for sharing this verse today! You are right, it is easy to believe when things are going good. But even more important to praise Him in the storms!

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  4. I know it is Saturday and this post is from Thursday…however, Psalm 107 has been a source of encouragement and conviction for me lately. It describes all types of people who cry out to God–from desert places, places of illness, places of fear, places of imprisonment, and God’s steadfast love meeting them where they are. If I could just consistently trust in God’s steadfast love in all the places I end up in a week, how would my world be transformed? Thank you for this Thursday post….

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  5. I love this! And I totally get where you’re coming from. It’s easy to say we have faith when everything is going smoothly. Lately I’ve been struggling at work, like beyond any struggle I’ve ever had at work. And where is my faith there? I’m ashamed to say it could use a LOT of help. Needed to hear this, especially this week. Thank you 🙂

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    1. You are welcome! I’m glad it helped. It came from a place of struggle for me too. This was a tough week. I needed God hard this week. I will say prayers that your job becomes less of a hard place for you.

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