Love’s Bright Tomorrow (2018)

37644906Love’s Bright Tomorrow (2018) by Naomi Rawlings is the sixth and final book in the Eagle Harbor series. This novel will release on Monday, February 5, 2018. It will be available in all forms including eBook, and is 316 pages in length. With a full-time job, and a very vibrant five-year old at home, this book took me four days to read. I received a copy of the novel in eBook format from the author to review. In no way has this influenced my review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own. I give this excellent story 5+++ STARS. This novel is a Christian Historical Romance.

Disclaimer: Prior to this story, Aileen was brutally assaulted. In Love’s Bright Tomorrow, she deals with the terror and trauma of sexual assault after the fact. She does have to confront the man who hurt her in this story. I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but I do want to warn any of my blog readers that if sexual assault, abuse, abortion, and/or the severe trauma and pain inflicted by these issues is too sensitive a topic for you right now, you may want to place this book on your TBR pile and come to it when you are more emotionally ready. Naomi Rawlings does an excellent job of treating Aileen and her trauma with respect, dignity, and honesty.

About the Book

Aileen Brogan wants a place to call home. After leaving Ireland for America and losing her father and brother within a year of each other, she feels lost and alone. No matter how hard she tries, she just doesn’t seem to belong in the quaint town of Eagle Harbor. However, Sheriff Isaac Cummings is determined to help her fit in—into town and into his arms—if only she’ll say yes to his courtship. But if he knew her secrets, he’d surely rescind his offer.

Isaac is determined to serve the people of Eagle Harbor in a way that will do his family proud, but he’s haunted by past mistakes. When a band of criminals threatens his beloved town’s safety, he doesn’t want to fail the people he loves like he did four years earlier. But if he doesn’t turn out to be the hero the town needs, what chance does he have of winning Aileen’s resistant heart?

When old wounds reopen, can Isaac and Aileen figure out how to move past their brokenness and find the promise of a bright tomorrow?

Come visit the rugged yet beautiful coast of Lake Superior and the remote historical town of Eagle Harbor that readers can’t get enough of.

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About the Author

Naomi Rawlings is the author of historical Christian novels, including the Amazon bestselling Eagle Harbor series. While she’d love to claim she spends her days huddled in front of her computer vigorously typing, in reality, she spends her time homeschooling, cleaning, picking up, and pretending like her house isn’t in a constant state of chaos. She lives with her husband and three children in Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula, along the southern shore of Lake Superior where they get 200 inches of snow every year, and where people still grow their own vegetables and cut down their own firewood–just like in the historical novels she writes.

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My Thoughts

Love’s Bright Tomorrow is a FANTASTIC book. Aileen and Isaac’s story hooked me from page one until the very end, and I am so sad my time with them is over. This redemption story has everything: a beautiful but broken heroine who feels she’s beyond God’s mercy and forgiveness, a hero who made a mistake in his past but who now wants to protect everyone he loves and save them all from any danger possible, many evil villains who are so awful you pray God delivers wrath upon their heads immediately, a murder mystery, an extremely dangerous smuggling ring that seems to be unstoppable, kidnapping, and so much more. You cannot get bored reading this book!

One aspect I LOVED about this book is its formatting. I know that may be kind of odd, but I found the formatting of this book to be beautifully symbolic. I noticed about a 1/4 of the way into the book that not a single mention of God had occurred except for when Isaac mentions in an inner monologue that he saw Aileen in church one Sunday. What struck me was the seeming absence of God. Usually in a Christian novel it is clear right off the bat how the main characters feel about God. Sometimes one or all are totally for God and sing His praises even through troubles, sometimes they start off angry at God and come to forgiveness and a right relationship with Him by book’s end, or sometimes it’s some kind of variation of these extremes. But in this book, there was just silence. It was very noticeable, at least to me.

CollageMaker_20180201_191824109.jpgBUT, I want to say nearing the half-way mark, Isaac and Aileen begin to share their stories with each other. And, it becomes clear that Isaac definitely is a man of faith. Aileen, while she does believe in God, feels she is too broken for Him to ever forgive or heal her. Isaac has an amazing moment where he knows Aileen needs to hear God’s Words not his, and he plants a little seed in her that God is BIG enough for her problems, feelings, sins, and brokenness. After this point in the story, the characters slowly open themselves to God and His love. They both pray more. They both enter into a better relationship with God, which allows them the opportunity to enter into a better friendship/relationship with each other. Both Isaac and Aileen begin to hope, and they begin to forgive themselves.

So now back to the symbolic formatting. In some of my darkest moments, when I was POSITIVE God would not want me and could not forgive me, I stopped. I became silent, just like the first 1/4 of this book. I didn’t mention Him. I didn’t pray. Maybe I went to church and looked like I was a good Christian girl, but in my heart I was silent. And then, I also had a moment as Aileen does where someone planted a tiny seed in me that God is BIG enough, and it sprouted. Now, I pray to God throughout the entire day. I hold conversations in my head with Him as I go about all the things I need to accomplish in a day. I am not silent anymore, just like Isaac and Aileen. I truly can’t imagine my life without God in it. He is my strength through everything, even the seemingly insignificant things!

This book is SO good, and I haven’t even mentioned anything about the story. This is one of those novels that wheedles into your heart and sticks with you for a long while after the last page is read. I am definitely going to miss Isaac and Aileen. If you are looking for an excellent, but deep, story line, amazing characters, adventure, intrigue, sweet romance, and a beautiful Christian message, than I cannot recommend Love’s Bright Tomorrow enough. When this book comes out on Monday, run to your nearest store and purchase this book. You will not be disappointed that you did!

5 thoughts on “Love’s Bright Tomorrow (2018)

  1. Sounds like an Amazing book. I would like to read it, for sure. My question is, although this is part of a series, is this a stand alone novel or will I need to read the other books to fully follow this one? Thank you so much for this review.

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