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First-Line Friday #19


All Things Now Living

(Seventh Daughter Book 1)


Chapter One: Betrayed

“The wild boar lies on the far side of the river. I wiggle on my belly through the cattails and push aside the rigid stalks so I can see him on the screen of my controller.”

I am rather intrigued by the cover of this book. I think it is pretty. If you can’t tell by the cover, this is a YA Dystopian novel. I love dystopias. I teach the genre in my AP Lit classes all the time. I look forward to reading this not just to review, but to see if it would be a good fit for my students. I am always on the lookout for new books for my kiddos!

If you have not heard of this novel or author before, click HERE for more information.

Now it is your turn! Grab the book you are currently reading, open to chapter one, and post the first sentence (or second sentence) in the comments below. Then head on over to Hoarding Books to see all of the FLF pages this week (just click on the FLF button below).

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I love Jesus, my husband, and my daughter. I love reading and reviewing Christian fiction. And, I am a high school English teacher trying to get kids to fall in love with reading every day!

31 thoughts on “First-Line Friday #19

  1. Wow, I just read the description on GoodReads. Sounds like an amazing book.

    I had the pleasure of reading Holding the Fort recently. From the very first line I was captivated.

    June 1885 Wichita, Kansas

    The fumes of the gaslights at the foot of the stage protected Louisa Bell from the more noxious odors of her audience.

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  2. Sounds like an interesting story! I look forward to reading your review. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. On my blog I’m sharing the first line from Gina Holder’s debut novel “Whither Shall I Go?” so do stop by and check that out! I’ll share with you here the first line of a book that has been on my TBR for several months, I really loved this book!
    “The little hairs on the back of Allegra Spencer’s neck stood at attention. He was behind her.”
    -Count Me In (An Emerald City Romance #1) by Mikal Dawn

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    1. Happy Friday, Trisha!!! I start senior final presentations today, so it’s going to be a busy day, but I promise to make my rounds to everyone’s FLF posts tonight or tomorrow. I wish you a wonderful weekend too!!! I have Count Me In, but finding the time to read it seems difficult right now. I will get to it. I want to read it. I’ve heard great things. Thank you, Trisha, for sharing. 😊

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      1. I pray your day goes well my friend!
        I read “Count Me In” super fast, because I just couldn’t put it down. I started reading it Wed. evening, and finished it Thursday. It is super duper good!

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  3. It is an eye-catching cover for sure.

    My first line this week comes from the Cozy Mysteries Collection: Home and Holiday Collection. This is a 6 book cozy mystery collection from Hope Callaghan’s most popular series. Today’s first line comes from the first book in the collection, “Home for the Holidays” of the Garden Girls Mystery series. You’ll see it here:

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  4. Happy Friday!

    My first line is from the book I’m reading next, Like Moonlight at Low Tide by Nicole Quigley….

    People never ask me the right question when they ask me what happened the beginning of my senior year. They always ask what his last words were.

    Have a great weekend!!

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  5. I just finished this the other day. I am a huge fan of YA dystopian, but unfortunately, this one wasn’t for me. Hope you enjoy it though! 🙂

    I’m sharing about Land of Silence by Tessa Afshar on my blog today, but I’ll share a book that is on my TBR here.

    “Come on, come on. I know you’re here somewhere,” Magdalena Henry murmured, squinting through the viewfinder of her camera at the ragged line of coffee pickers sorting their day’s yield.
    -Ascension of Larks by Rachel Linden

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    1. Land of Silence is one of my most favorite books. I love it! And, I will have to check out the book you listed here. Sounds intriguing.

      I, too, love YA and Dystopia, but not a fan of All Things Now Living.

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  6. Happy Friday! My 1st line is from Shattered Memories by Debbie Lynne Costello:

    “Why can’t you have him arrested and demand our money back?”

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  7. I’m another fan of YA Dystopian, so I’ll have to look this up. I love the cover – it has a sense of dissatisfaction and wistfulness. Intriguing!

    I’m sharing from The House on Foster Hill by Jamie Jo Wright on my blog, but had to put it down because nighttime and suspense and a need to sleep. So I’m currently reading Holding the Fort by Regina Jennings. I see from the above comments I’m not the only one enjoying Louisa Bell’s adventures!

    The weather forecast for the weekend is looking bright and sunny, so I’m planning to get back into The House on Foster Hill when the sun comes out 🙂

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  8. The euphoria of winning a hard case vied in her thoughts with wondering what came next as Hayden McCarthy left the Alexandria courthouse. From Beyond Justice by Cara Putman

    Hope you are nowhere near the fires!

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  9. I’m a fan of Dystopian too. I’m hoping to get started on The Uncloaked trilogy by J. Rodes next week!
    Here’s the first line of the book I’m currently reading: “Who am I?” From His Forgotten Fiancee by Evelyn M. Hill
    Have a great weekend!

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  10. I had to look up Dystopian. Lol. Then I clicked on the link to see what the book is about. Sounds fascinating! I’ll share the first line from a nonfiction book I’m currently reading. Pastoral Letters by Robert Murray McCheyne. “To all of you, my dear friends, and people who are beloved of God and faithful in Christ Jesus, your pastor wishes grace and peace from God the Father, and Jesus Christ our Lord.” Sounds like the beginning of an epistle in the Bible, doesn’t it? He was an amazing man of God who accomplished much in the short span of life given to him.

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