First-Line Friday #17


Fraying at the Edge


From Chapter 16:

“Abram stared at the low-burning fire in the hearth of the living room as he listened to Skylar explain her ideas of what they needed to change about the cafe.”

Welcome to today’s special edition of FLF. Today’s theme is Food/Thanksgiving, so I am sharing a line from Cindy Woodsmall’s novel Fraying at the Edge (book 2 in her The Amish of Summer Grove series). I chose this book to showcase today because food is a pretty important aspect in this story. Skylar, Abram, and their two sisters are doing everything they can to make their other sister’s cafe a success while she is away from the family. It is in chapter 16 that they discuss strategy and food…Skylar has a plan that she thinks will help make the cafe a popular place in the neighborhood. I really loved this moment in the book because it shows a family coming together to solve a problem, and their solution involves food and drink!

If you are unfamiliar with this book, check out my review here. The Amish of Summer Grove is a really excellent series that I highly recommend. If you are looking for something new to start on this fabulous Friday, you may want to check out this series.

Now it is your turn! Grab the book you are currently reading, open to chapter one, and post the first sentence (or second sentence) in the comments below. Then head on over toΒ Hoarding BooksΒ to see all of the FLF pages this week (just click on the FLF button below).

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12 thoughts on “First-Line Friday #17

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’m featuring the second book in Liz Johnson’s Prince Edward Island Dreams series on my blog this week–“Where Two Hearts Meet”–because the main character Caden is a cook. However I can’t resist sharing the first line of Ronie Kendig’s Discarded Heroes novella here (Lygos), which just released this week:

    “Killing someone changed a person–irrevocably altered how they viewed life, each breath, and each day . . . or the next kill.”

    It. Is. Awesome! 😁

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  2. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

    I’m sharing about One Enchanted Noel by Melissa Tagg over at my blog today, but I’m going to share the first line from the book I’m currently reading, The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay.

    “How can I help?”

    Happy Weekend!

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  3. As the days grow shorter, some faces grow long. But not mine. Every autumn, when the wind turns cold and darkness comes early, I am suddenly happy. It’s time to start making soup again. – Leslie Newman

    Dear Neil,

    I’ve started this e-mail sever times, and I know that doesn’t mean a lot because you’ve yet to receive a completed draft, but it’s true.- Together at the Table by Hillary Manton Lodge

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  4. Happy Friday! My first line is from A Match of Wits by Jen Turano:

    “Sometimes, no matter how independent and self-assured a young lady believes herself to be, certain situations demand a good dose of screaming.”

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  5. Happy weekend! Here’s the first line of the next book I’ll be reading: β€œAn explosion brought Cole Boden to his feet.” – Too Far Down by Mary Connealy.

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  6. Oh how I loved this series!!

    My first line is from Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter which I will be reading shortly!

    There was nothing like a letter from the IRS to stop a man in his tracks,

    Have a great weekend!

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