First Line Friday #8


Hometown Girl


Beth Whitaker hated flowers.

What a great first line! Really draws the reader in. Now I need to know why Beth hates flowers. How does someone come to hate flowers!?

I have not started this book yet, but I totally can’t wait to dig right in. I love Courtney Walsh’s novels. They are SO good, and I anticipate that this novel will be amazing. If you have not heard of this book, click here for a Goodreads summary.

Now it is your turn! Grab the book you are currently reading, open to chapter one, and post the first sentence (or second sentence) in the comments below.

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  1. Yes, I totally want to know why she hates flowers! Great cover, too.

    I’m sharing from Hold the Light by April McGowan over on my blog today, and I’ve just started reading what I’m told is an excellent writing craft book, Understanding Show, Don’t Tell by Janice Hardy. It starts well:

    Show, don’t tell is one of the most frustrating pieces of writing advice out there.

    I’m looking forward to understanding it better!

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  2. Another book to add to my ever-leaning TBR pile!

    I’m featuring the first line from J. Rodes’ “Charging the Darkness” on my blog today–great conclusion to her dystopian trilogy–but right now I’m going to share the opening of Rachel Dylan’s recent release, “Deadly Proof”:

    “You can’t call that a settlement offer.” Kate Sullivan looked directly into the dark eyes of her opposing counsel, who represented a medical device company.

    Have a great weekend!

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  3. I’m reading “The Master of Blacktower,” by Barbara Michaels. It was published in 1966. I discovered it in a stack of used books at a gift shop I was visiting. It’s good. The author is new to me.

    “The Black Tower of Dunnoch,” is the first line. Happy Reading! 🙂

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  4. From Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering:
    A two for one :
    Madeline, reading to Drew from Jane Eyre :
    “And I sank down where I stood, and hid my face against the ground.”

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  5. I want to read that book too!
    I’m sharing this line today.
    How dare the stars still light the night and the James River continue to flow, when the one who made Lettie’s life bearable was gone?
    This is the first line from chapter 1 (not the prologue) of Carrie Fancett Pagels novella “Love’s Escape” in The Captive Brides Collection.

    Happy Friday!


  6. My mind is trying to think of reasons why she would hate flowers. I keep melding this genre with the likes of DC and Marvel Comic story lines. Hmmm???


  7. I think the cover of Courtney Walsh’s new book is SO pretty! I’m sharing the first line from Becky Wade’s True to You. “Finding oneself at the mercy of a crazed gunman isn’t all fun and games.”

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